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What’s Happening with YouTube Ads? · 2023-10-13 20:18 by Adblock Plus

We would like to say thank you for all of the ideas and positive feedback in our comments section. We’re truly grateful for our community of users. If you have any help questions about this topic, please reach out to our Support team at We’re here to help!

Update as of January 15, 2024: We’ve taken note of the recent slowdowns on YouTube that some users are encountering. We sincerely appreciate your continued support, enabling us to respond swiftly. Our team has already released a fix for the issue and users will notice an improved experience soon.


Update: We wanted to take a moment to update our users about ad blocking on YouTube. Our focus is to continue to invest in new, technical ways to block the same ads we always have. And that means we are looking for a long term solution that keeps users in control over their internet experience.

We have always believed in a fair internet for all — one that balances the needs of users, publishers and advertisers. Now more than ever it’s important to work for a fair, user-centric internet. And we hope with open conversation, we’ll be able to pave the way for users to enjoy a web without intrusive advertising.

Most of all, we wanted to say thank you to our users. Your support and understanding as we navigate (and continue to navigate) an ever-evolving web means so much to us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you!


If you use YouTube, then you know it’s chock full of ads. These ads distract from the content you actually want to watch as they play before your chosen video starts. Even more distracting is when they play right in the middle of what you’re watching! That’s why so many internet users have turned to Adblock Plus for an ad-free YouTube experience. We’ve successfully been blocking YouTube ads for years. What’s changed?

It seems YouTube is experimenting with its ad blocking policy. The site is now showing some of our users an anti-ad blocking wall, forcing them to disable Adblock Plus in order to view any content. Sometimes this wall asks you to allow YouTube ads after three videos and other times it’s a hard wall that won’t let you play anything until Adblock Plus is turned off.

YouTube’s hard anti-ad blocking wall

Anti-ad block walls have long been an issue for all ad blockers, not just ours. While we do believe that content providers should have the right to decide how you interact with their page (or opt not to, if you choose to bring your web traffic elsewhere), we know YouTube’s walls are particularly distressing to many of our users.

We also know that part of what makes Adblock Plus valuable to our users is that we block YouTube ads. While the situation is still evolving, our teams are working hard to figure out what we can do to continue offering a superior user experience.

What Can You Do About YouTube Ads in the Meantime?

If you see YouTube’s anti-ad block wall, we recommend:
  • Keeping your filter lists up to date so that any changes made by filter list authors are being applied to your extension.
  • Using custom blocking rules when you see something you’d like to remove from a page.
  • Using your browser’s private browsing mode. This may impact whether a wall is shown or not.
  • Adding YouTube to your allowlist so that the ad blocking wall isn’t keeping you from the content you want to watch. While this does mean allowing YouTube ads, Adblock Plus will continue to block pop-ups and other annoying ads everywhere else for you.
The bottom line is we know how important it is for our users to access an ad-free YouTube experience for free. And we are working on various fronts to find the best solution! If you have any questions for our team, you can reach out to us at

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  1. Steven · 2023-10-14 12:34 · #

    The anti-ad blocking seems to be related to the user who’s logged in to the YouTube website. By right-clicking on the video you want to play and opening it in a Private session (as a logged-out user), doesn’t seem to activate the anti-ad block script and allows for playing the video without ads (for now).

  2. Kevin Leahy · 2023-10-14 15:03 · #

    The allowlist thingy doesn’t work.

  3. nina · 2023-10-14 15:38 · #

    Thanks for looking into this. I was quite shocked when I encountered that YouTube’s message.

  4. Luc · 2023-10-14 16:19 · #

    I don’t think I can ever thank the Adblocker team enough for what they’ve done for me.
    Not being force fed ads on Youtube for the last ten years (in a way that resemble brainwashing techniques) have been a blessing for me.
    But yeah, as someone mentioned, I logged out of my account and that did the trick.
    And I’m thinking that might be the best solution to all of this.
    Don’t think these huge companies are ready to see people log off their product as they seem to think they own us.
    They are not the only way to surf the web and we don’t need them most of the time, we choose to use them but there are alternatives.
    That kind of marketing will open the door to newer platforms that will use this to try and gain new users and they will mostly use what lead people to quit their competitors as a way to attract new users.
    Not having as many adds will clearly be a huge incentive to have users switch platform so.
    Log off and wait for the new player to jump in ;)

  5. Flow · 2023-10-14 17:38 · # what got written is probably one way to find out whats running the script and how maybe to block it

  6. Scott · 2023-10-14 17:58 · #

    Would it be possible to “fool” youtube into thinking you’re watching the ads? Some sort of coding that says “yes, they are watching ads”, which would still allow creators to get paid, while still providing ad free watching.
    Or just block any ads that occur after the first x% of the video.

  7. J.B. · 2023-10-14 19:36 · #

    They’re doing us a favor. Most of us need to spend far less time in the virtual world, and get back into the physical one.

  8. Mike · 2023-10-14 20:02 · #

    Wonder if you couldn’t redirect ads to play on a separate window that’s permanently muted and a single pixel in size. That way Youtube sees ads as being played/not blocked, the Youtube content creator gets their adsense revenue since ad was played flag is triggered, the only downside I could see is that it would still chew through bandwidth but if ads are chomping through that much bandwidth then there’s a bigger problem out there

  9. Anonymous · 2023-10-14 21:12 · #

    Maybe I wouldn’t use adblock if I didn’t have to constantly press “SKIP AD” on a 65 MINUTE ad while laying in bed falling asleep.

    They got too greedy & I’ve used ABP for years because of it.
    I’ll never watch ads on youtube, if ad blockers fail, then I’m off to somewhere else.

  10. idunno · 2023-10-14 21:38 · #

    Is it possible to satisfy this problem by allowing the ad to play in a very small and muted window, thereby tricking the site?

  11. Don Orkoskey · 2023-10-14 22:14 · #

    I really hope you all can bypass this garbage. I hate YT ads.

    They just got me starting today. This sucks. I used to listen to music playlists and never had to worry about ads. I didn’t whitelist YT but allowed the ads on those videos, refreshed, and they didn’t play any ads. Of course before each video I’m now whitelisting that page (but these were how-to videos that I’ll never watch again so whatever).

  12. Gee. Oh. Dee. · 2023-10-14 22:52 · #

    Ads on Youtube are just stupid to begin with. All it does is to encourage the parasites profiteering off of their videos, which should be more of a hobby, not a full-time job as some of them see it. A massive percentage of the videos on Youtube are trash anyhow. Why should people be getting paid to make garbage? They shouldn’t.

  13. kevin blake · 2023-10-14 23:02 · #

    I’ve installed YouTube music and this does not have ads.

  14. Christy · 2023-10-14 23:09 · #

    I listen to a few podcasts that have YouTube clips (Like Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend etc…) that have sections where they do their advertising in between their main content… It’s not as intrusive and I can skip through it. I normally watch Conan’s because he makes them funny… but to me, the more you force me to watch the ad, the less likely I am going to buy that product or deal with that company because I am going to remember how annoyed I was. I stopped going into certain stores because of their insistant sales team members. Ask me once and then leave me alone unless I need you. It’s the same thing online for me… one ad and then leave me be to interact with the content or I will leave. We wouldn’t need this adblocker if they weren’t so obnoxious about it.

  15. no-ads Paul · 2023-10-15 00:16 · #

    Perhaps an extension (maybe ad-block) can allow the ad content to be ‘played’ separately, but completely hidden from the user. YouTube may think it is being shown then. We just see the actual content only.
    Other than that maybe we would have to use the watch later option, ‘record’ the playback with ads and then on the recording the ads are auto-skipped. Not ideal but YouTube gets their ads played (but not watched).

  16. typical user · 2023-10-15 01:26 · #

    When I can no longer block youtube ads, I will never view a youtube video again. Very simple. 99.99% of youtube videos are complete waste of time garbage anyway.

  17. Dale · 2023-10-15 02:02 · #

    Time to give youtube the Bud Light treatment.

  18. Carl Hitchon · 2023-10-15 03:35 · #

    It’s seems we are powerless. I just don’t know what to do. Pay them to not show me ads?

    I got rid of satellite TV several years ago, perhaps now the internet too?

    It’s nice to have access to information, but letting fabulously wealthy people shove endless quantities of junk down our throats to make them richer is really difficult (for me).

  19. Ei · 2023-10-15 07:38 · #

    My greatest fear, is once google does it. Other major sites that overlook it, will now start to copy google anti-ad-block. I keep hearing, it doesn’t take them long to “block” many people finding loop holes.

    The thing is, I really hope adblocker can keep up. It won’t be too long before Americans will have to suffer and watch political ads. It also keeps garbage like PragerU videos from always showing.

    Maybe if you can’t block ads, find a way that auto-mutes ads and have a forced 5 second skip. It would also go auto-black, so we don’t have to see it.

  20. Jefferey · 2023-10-15 07:44 · #

    I have an extension called youtube playback speed which I’ve been using to speed up ads. It’s not that efficient except for longer ads like on other streaming platforms. I am not a programmer, so I do not know the capabilities, but I wonder if we could implement code to speed up the video to max (16x) while the ad is running then revert back to 1x speed. There are problems of course because the user might be watching faster than 1x, and also the user would have to actively press the skip ad button after the ad is done playing, but this is just an idea I’ve had in my head for a while, and I want to see how you guys take it. Thanks for your great extension! It’s done wonders

  21. idonthaveaname · 2023-10-15 09:17 · #

    for now I’m part of the lucky ones who can close the pop-up, if I can’t anymore I will just stop youtube altogether until an adblocker manage to get pass it. The people I follow also have a podcast/other site version anyway and maybe I will gain some free time x’DDD But I’m getting kinda pissed at all the walls when online honestly, the number of plateform where you can’t see anything without being logged in is annoying

  22. Smash · 2023-10-15 10:26 · #

    Is it possible to make an overlay that blocks video/audio and activates the ‘skip ad’ button if it’s there? That way revenue is generated but we don’t have to listen to ads!

  23. Nostromo · 2023-10-15 11:13 · #

    This is greed at its worst, plain & simple. No adblocker on youtube, no utoob, game over, bye, bye! i will then proceed to divest from all scroogle apps and move on with my life. There are plenty of alternatives.
    I firmly believe that advertising and marketing, in it’s modern post-WWII form, will go down in history as one of the worst evils mankind has ever perpetrate upon itself.

  24. Oli · 2023-10-15 11:21 · #

    I’d rather pay 50$ or more to your Plugin than paying monthly youtube plus abo. For years youtube took my data, analysed it and stuff, still getting bullshit ads from products I recently bought. They sold my personal data without my knowledge and now suddenly they want me to watch ads again?! No way…

  25. noygb · 2023-10-15 13:30 · #

    Not gonna support Youtube and their disqusting policies with money, rather pay for adblock.

  26. Neu · 2023-10-15 14:03 · #

    Yeah. I’ve used Adblock since the beginning. I will still use Adblock. I’ve also used Youtube from the beginning. I won’t use Youtube if this continues. I’ve received the warnings I can close immediately, now I have timed warnings, soon I will have a black out i feel. I only watch a few videos on Youtube. Mostly music. I will see what other services provide music rather than pay Youtube.

  27. Marco N · 2023-10-15 14:39 · #

    What if YT somehow uses the time difference between when you click on the video link and the time the video actually starts playing (taking Skip Ad into account)? If those two timestamps are too close, it’s obvious the 30 second (or whatever) ad didn’t play.
    ABP can only get around this by displaying a “We’re currently in a commercial break, we will return shortly.” message, have the ad play in a minimal, muted window and click Skip when it appears with a random human-like delay.

  28. Jesse · 2023-10-15 14:44 · #

    I just used ABP to block the popup and the invisible wall elements and I can watch ad-free all I want without being bothered. I can only scroll the page in full screen and videos don’t autoplay but at least I don’t see ads.

  29. Billy · 2023-10-15 14:56 · #

    Same as Jesse, i block the pop up and invisible wall and get access to ytb. But i can’t Share or Add the video to playlist and playlist don’t autoplay (rip music video)

  30. Sin · 2023-10-15 15:54 · #

    I’ll keep donating to the adblock team : they are saving us
    from money mongers.


  31. Ivan · 2023-10-15 18:13 · #

    We need different technology for blocking ads. Current one relies on not loading ads at all and that is how they detect that we are using it. We need to allow loading of ads and then instead displaying them on the screen send them to /dev/null :) Basically.

  32. Lisa Brown · 2023-10-15 19:05 · #

    I think the way to go for this, is to have software that “skips” the ads, not block them all together, since YouTube has code to detect any actual ad blocking software.

    Something along the lines of the TubiTV Ad Skipper app. This app allows the ad to play but skips through it, like it is being fast forwarded. Depending on how fast and up to date your computer or electronic devise is, will depend the speed at which the ads fly by the screen.

    If you have an older devise, slower processor, the fast forward speed will be a bit slower to where you can recognize images (I have seen this on my older, slower devises, and it is tolerable.

    If you have a new devise, or fast processor, the fast forward speed is like lightening to where you barely see the ad, it looks like a big blur (I have seen this on my fast computer).

    Not sure, but that is what might be the best solution, in the end.

  33. Krisz · 2023-10-15 19:43 · #

    in addition in my language, the popup is absolutely infuriating, it says its prohibited, or you banned from using an adblocker on youtube, like theyre some kind of government authority or something. this is where it needs to stop! wth these brainwashing commies are thinking?
    Mike and other guys are right, they need to be tricked into that you are watching the ad. in a different, hidden window that doesnt even render. but theres still a problem, you have to wait while the ad plays thru, right?

  34. Terry-cpu · 2023-10-15 20:25 · #

    I created a different solution for this problem. It totally works no issues.
    The Adblock extension is not the source of the problem. You need to block google and YouTube from accessing entrance into your computer. Here are the steps in Safari using AdGuard in Monterey. Go into Safari. At the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Open up the three parallel lines. Check mark privacy report. At the bottom of the safari home screen. You will see the privacy report. Click on it twice. You will then see a list of all the websites that have been tracking you. You want to change the settings within the privacy report from WEBSITES to TRACKERS. Go ahead and leave the report on the screen because you’re going to need some information from this list.. 
    Open up system preferences. Select screen time. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see a red icon content and privacy settings. At the top. You want to turn on content and privacy settings. Under content > web content, Select limit adult websites. Then select customize. Go into the Privacy report list under TRACKERS
    Manually type the Parent within the list Into the restricted window. This is not a copy and paste job that have to be added in manually. Then select OK.
    Google and YouTube will not be able to get into your accounts in Safari.
    Ta DA! I’m Using Add Guard in Safari from the apple store. It’s free. Add this string into the AdGuard unblock filters TaDa ! Happy Viewing.

  35. Dorothy Muhoro · 2023-10-15 20:59 · #

    delete ad bock

  36. NessJones · 2023-10-15 21:06 · #

    From now on whenever I see that pop-up from Youtube. I will down vote the video and select “don’t recommend channel”

  37. Frosty · 2023-10-15 21:37 · #

    Like others have said, if YT ad revenue actually went fairly to the creators whose content is bringing all the viewers to YT’s platform I would consider sitting through their ads. But the fact that I have to get up to skip 10min+ ads late at night when I’m listening to a sleeping playlist for my insomnia is unacceptable.

  38. SC · 2023-10-15 22:07 · #

    I tried watching YT vids using the Tor browser, and so far there is no warning message and there are no ads.

  39. Aaron · 2023-10-15 23:07 · #

    I encourage you all to start using Rumble instead. Vote with your feet!

  40. jeff · 2023-10-15 23:27 · #

    I would GLADLY pay for youtube red, if youtube was a free speech site. But im not going to pay, AND be shadow banned…. 99% of posts to youtube get auto deleted, for any number of reasons. Like telling the truth, for example. Or making a joke. Make a post, and call a friend, and ask them if they can see the post. Try different things, and you will see they get autodeleted. I pray this is the end of youtube, and the begging of rumble. even tiktok. f-youtube

  41. SC · 2023-10-16 01:48 · #

    UPDATE: Tor browser now has ads too; I then tried logging out of Google entirely – not just logging out of YT – and this has worked so far; no warning popups, no ads. For now!

  42. TG · 2023-10-16 02:12 · #

    “While we do believe that content providers should have the right to decide how you interact with their page”

    You know, I agree, SORT OF. I do NOT think they should be able to SLAP you with Ads without your PRE-CONSENT. They should have to ask “Do you want to see this AD?” And if you say YES, then you can watch the video. If you say NO, then you cannot finish it. Maybe if AdBlockerPlus did that for YouTube, FOR NOW, instead of forcing me to pause it per page (or just shut it off) – because it still works on other sites, and Ad Blocking and Script Blocking is really just part of a MODERN IT security suite. So again, update ADP to ASK you to run ads, prompting you, so we just click OK or whatever. OR understand your place as an AD BLOCKER and actually come up with ways for us to block all of them.

  43. TGdsdssd · 2023-10-16 02:12 · #

    “While we do believe that content providers should have the right to decide how you interact with their page”

    You know, I agree, SORT OF. I do NOT think they should be able to SLAP you with Ads without your PRE-CONSENT. They should have to ask “Do you want to see this AD?” And if you say YES, then you can watch the video. If you say NO, then you cannot finish it. Maybe if AdBlockerPlus did that for YouTube, FOR NOW, instead of forcing me to pause it per page (or just shut it off) – because it still works on other sites, and Ad Blocking and Script Blocking is really just part of a MODERN IT security suite. So again, update ADP to ASK you to run ads, prompting you, so we just click OK or whatever. OR understand your place as an AD BLOCKER and actually come up with ways for us to block all of them.

  44. TGdsdssd · 2023-10-16 02:20 · #

    Ouch sorry about the comment spam – some internet issues.

    The other thing that I think is sort of key here (and it may be a legal issue) is that YouTube is NOT a free speech, nice place for anyone on the fringe. Theyre a mega-corp owned by Google, THE megacorp, and they don’t need more money, regardless of what they want. The Internet is ours. Not theirs. So Blocking their Ads is sort of like an OG internet users right TBH, AND ALSO its just like the right thing to do? The AdBlockPlus crew should get a little more rebellious digitally.

  45. burt UK · 2023-10-16 06:00 · #

    Really winds me up! I should have a choice regarding what I watch in ‘my’ space and the fact that YT are forcing people to watch adverts is nothing short of a ‘Big Brother’ joke. I don’t mind the sponsored videos as you can jump past that on the timeline. I will never pay for a premium service – they are stinking rich as it is but I will gladly contribute to ‘adblockplus’ if needed for a solution to this hijacking.

  46. Dan · 2023-10-16 09:12 · #

    I have finally been blocked from watching. Just had the 3 strike treatment. I will find a workaround. Failing that I will just not watch youtube anymore. I won’t miss it that much anyway. Certainly not paying £12.99 a month for basic content.

  47. Alex · 2023-10-16 11:24 · #

    I get the popup from youtube, but I can simply close it and continue the video.

  48. YouTubeAdHack · 2023-10-16 11:57 · #

    Just delete the AdBlock extension, hit play on YouTube skip the first Ad that plays and then re-install AdBlocker extension – problem solved (for a time – you need to do this each time you close and open the browser and want to use YouTube)

  49. Norman · 2023-10-16 13:44 · #

    I’ve had the annoying message from YouTube since yesterday.

    I just close the pop-up and play the video…

  50. Don Nelson · 2023-10-16 14:22 · #

    Ads are what ruined AllMusic. I can hardly use the site now, it overloads my PC with ads. Even after closing them the same ones pop up again. They use it as coercion to force people to pay them for the privilege of viewing their content.
    I have NEVER bought anything from an online ad and never will. It’s just an annoyance.

  51. Dan · 2023-10-16 14:56 · #

    I’ve just been hitting the “X” to close and the video runs normally without any ads. It’s annoying having to do that, but still haven’t watched any ads.

  52. Nick · 2023-10-16 15:06 · #

    I literally had to switch to a different account to get it to work again. It’s laughable how bad youtube enacts anything new to its platform. It seems like the 1 person they had test this shit and did 1 reload of testing and called it good.

    So now that I can’t get youtube to work at all on my main account I will never, ever pay for youtube premium. There was a sliiiight chance before because they have some football stuff but if i can’t use my main account because they’re too stupid to do more than 1 second of testing then no, fuck you youtube.

  53. Amanda Davies · 2023-10-16 16:24 · #

    I disabled adblock in 3 different ways….firstly by toggling to off when clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the page. I still got the pop up from Youtube telling me to disable it. I then went into settings and added Youtube to a list of sites allowed to show ads. That also resulted in the pop up still appearing. I then went into Chrome extensions and disabled it there….and the pop up still appeared. I found a setting in Chrome to allow any site to show me ads so I enabled that…and still get the pop up. With the adblocker disabled in those ways I was still seeing no ads anywhere, at times when I was able to play a video. I think I am allowed briefly to play one after clicking on either / both of “I am not using an ad blocker / report issue” and / or the “allow Youtube to show ads” and then it tells you how to disable an ad blocker and tells you to refresh the page.

    I tried using Youtube on a different browser (Edge) and despite resetting that browser and consequently removing adblock from there I do not see any ads on Yoube using Edge, either. At the moment I am able to watch Youtube on Edge but not Chrome (the latter is explained above)
    It’s like the blocker is still somehow running and preventing me from seeing ads anywhere, on both browsers.

  54. Adblock Plus · 2023-10-16 18:56 · #

    Hi everyone,

    We would like to say thank you for all of the ideas and positive feedback as we work on this. We’re truly grateful for our community of users. If you have any help questions about this topic, please reach out to our Support team at We’re here to help!

    - The Adblock Plus team

  55. blob · 2023-10-16 19:47 · #

    they blocked my videoplayer, so i just opened the videos i wanted to watch in a new anonymous window, where i was not logged in and watched there the past few days. And today it worked normally again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  56. Azaki · 2023-10-16 19:56 · #

    I don’t understand why they are pushing the ads, slowly you have to watch more ads than content.
    Who cares about advertising, how can it still have value? I don’t force anything on anyone, and advertisers don’t force advertisements on me.
    I am confident that they will solve the further blocking of advertisements.

  57. Ade M · 2023-10-16 20:27 · #

    I used Adblock and it DID do a good job until a week ago. Now like all th eother Ublock etc they do not work and do not let me watch any YouTube content.
    YT have a 25 billioun turnover last year and I will NEVER watch any of their Ads, and I wont be paying money to them either.

    Already I am going back to what I dont before YouTube and that is more gaming…lol.

  58. JaegerOne · 2023-10-16 20:32 · #

    Newer and better alternatives to YouTube and Google are emerging. I believe YT and Google are taking a huge haircut, as they should, which is why you are seeing this course of action by them. They honestly view YT users as crack addicts and will relent to any demands or conditions by them. Dopamine hits are as powerful as most highly addicting drugs out of the markets & streets. The best thing would be is to not use their platform(s). Migrate to other platforms that do not violate your ability to watch something. That is exactly how YT got so big in the first place! It was essentially an open platform that many walks of life could participate in…now they are NO different than legacy media channels. Of course, there will be a time of transition and that is acceptable to any actions of tyrannical platforms.

  59. Ade M · 2023-10-16 20:37 · #

    I forgot to add, yes when the YOUTUBE ban screen pops up on Adblock, you click the X in the top corner and you get to watch the Vids, but only for a few days. then its blocked for good.
    If you google ‘adblock-by-friend’
    That is currently working right now, but its on Chrome.

    Hopefully the excellent team on Adblock will get around the the YT lock.

  60. Hiatus · 2023-10-16 21:54 · #

    I fixed the problem by installing Script Blocker for Chrome, combine this with adblock and its work fine. try to block some weird address from YT

  61. Joe Blow · 2023-10-16 22:31 · #

    Use Brave browser. Problem solved.

  62. Macca · 2023-10-17 00:29 · #

    I found if you click the allow ads button then hit the refresh button on the following page you can carry on with out ads!

  63. Macca · 2023-10-17 01:32 · #

    Correction, when using opera gx I can use the above trick, not on chrome though.

  64. RusTus · 2023-10-17 02:48 · #

    Switch to Brave browser.. It blocks YT adds by default.

  65. mm ds · 2023-10-17 03:31 · #

    thank you for this idea…. after they implementing its hard anti-ad blocking wall from YouTube what’s next in the future? YouTube’s hard anti-vpn & dns snooping implementation? removing all recommendation videos from YouTube home page if watch history was off? else what?

    i don’t think what would be the next step after this implementing ad blocking policy, there were be more to come in the future

  66. Chris · 2023-10-17 04:10 · #

    Just spam their “report issue” option.
    Last one I wrote “I’ll disable it when you stop showing ads every 2 minutes”

  67. Anon Fellow · 2023-10-17 06:14 · #

    I don’t know if this method works other than on a pc. Always have a Youtube home page open in a tab. When opening a video, open it in a new tab. I don’t know why this works but it does. Pass this along if it works for you too.

  68. Titi · 2023-10-17 08:08 · #

    Is there something I can do?

  69. Gripper Stebson · 2023-10-17 11:24 · #

    How many times can you close the message before being blocked? It’s started showing the timer now but I can still close the message at the moment.

  70. Samuelejony · 2023-10-17 13:42 · #

    I found a Workaround!
    -> Open a 2nd Tab and run any livestream from YouTube (muted).
    -> Now you can enjoy videos in the 1st Tab without the “Disable AdBlock”-Window showing up..

    enjoy :)

  71. Mert · 2023-10-17 13:57 · #

    Add this. Fix it!

  72. GG · 2023-10-17 16:21 · #

    “When I can no longer block youtube ads, I will never view a youtube video again. Very simple. 99.99% of youtube videos are complete waste of time garbage anyway.”
    You are obviously watching the wrong videos. There are tens of millions of content creators on YouTube on hundred of genres. Plenty great content to choose from.

  73. Kevin M · 2023-10-17 16:25 · #

    “Add this. Fix it!”

    This seems to work, but also blocks the Notifications tab from opening.

  74. Nick W · 2023-10-17 19:18 · #

    It’s happened to me on Brave browser over the last week – first the pop-up that was demisable, then the timed popup that was dismissible after a few seconds, and today the three strikes and out. I can still watch in a private window logged out. That’s fine by me. I retain favourite channels in bookmarks. Not commenting, subscribing or thumbsupping is no big deal for me. The creators still get the benefit of view-count at least.

  75. RD · 2023-10-17 19:49 · #

    I decided to turn all 800 of my youtube videos PRIVATE in response, so youtube wont get traffic or revenue from those (I never earned a dime off youtube anyway) and if the adblock comes up like it has on videos, I just DOWNLOAD the video to desktop to watch and save or delete. NO WAY am I paying $14 and change a month, nor am I sitting thru all those ads!
    I’d encourage everyone to do the same- set your videos PRIVATE, and download videos you want to watch.

  76. Erin moyan · 2023-10-17 20:03 · #

    Did you just say you have ZERO and NO solution to the youtube adblock popup? This Is so sad. That popup is terribly annoying and destroying viewer experience. Time to try other adblockers i guess

  77. Cypherdude · 2023-10-17 20:41 · #

    YouTube is constantly censoring my comments and I always have to rephrase. Why should I give them money for that? I saw a YouTube video (X-CxXOSsyjQ) which says uBlock Origin by Raymond Hill might be able to stop the YT popup. Get it only from the official depository for your browser. I’ll be installing it by tomorrow. You’ll need to also add these 4 uBlock Origin codes (YMMV):, yt.config_.openPopupConfig.supportedPopups.adBlockMessageViewModel, false), Object.prototype.adBlocksFound, 0), ytplayer.config.args.raw_player_response.adPlacements, []), Object.prototype.hasAllowedInstreamAd, true)

    Be aware, YouTube may have already modified their code to circumvent the above so it may not work anymore. Use at your own risk.

  78. Sedge · 2023-10-17 22:03 · #

    Re the suggestions that ads be played in a separate muted window, YT can detect this using Innertube tests, also any skip times. I’ve read the results through Web Inspector, if anyone’s interested I’ll post a copy.

    I like ADP, I just happen to use AdGuard, which is the blocker YT detected.

  79. anon · 2023-10-17 22:40 · #

    I found by clicking the link at the bottom (“not using an ad blocker? Report Issue”) then cancelling out, seems to turn of this notification most of the time, or at least until the following day.

    I don’t know if this is actually doing anything but it does seem to work for me.

  80. aswdsad · 2023-10-18 01:45 · #

    using firefox and adblock – blocking the pop up window and the underlying translucent layer blocking interaction with the video has worked for me so far, but u cant scroll down to the comments.

  81. Yuri Sucupira · 2023-10-18 03:11 · #

    I added these 3 customized filters:*^$document[class=“style-scope ytd-popup-container”][class=“opened”]

    Now, every time that I open a new video, the video begins to play and then pauses, but then I press the keyboard’s space bar and that’s it.

    It’s still annoying if you’re watching a series of videos from a playlist, as you have to repeat the “space bar pressing” process every time that the next video begins to play and then automatically pauses, but, thanks to the customized filters, the pop-up window is gone and I can always unpause the video i.e. resume its playback.

    PS: if the above solution doesn’t work for you, then someone from Google came here, read this post and then modified something in the code so this set of filters don’t block YouTube’s pop-up policy window anymore.

  82. Whitt · 2023-10-18 04:21 · #

    Last year Google made $280B in revenue and $59B in profit. Googles CEO earned $226M last year. My heart bleeds for them in their hour of need

  83. Yuri Sucupira · 2023-10-18 05:54 · #

    On my previous comment, I explained how to add 3 customized filters that (as of 2023-10-18) block YouTube’s ad-blocking policy pop-up window. However, these filters also block notifications: for instance, clicking on the bell icon doesn’t make any notifications window come up.

    If you prefer to sacrifice part of the customized filters’ effectiveness in favor of the functionality of such notifications, all you have to do is to remove this filter:[class=“style-scope ytd-popup-container”]

    …so you end up with only these 2 customized filters for YouTube:*^$document[class=“opened”]

  84. zanuda · 2023-10-18 06:13 · #

    I see Youtube Add wall with adblocker switched aff. As a result there are no way for me to access youtube. The only way is to log off from Google.

    I thing youtube gets some info from google account that you have adblocker in your browser and penalize you for that.

    As for adblocker itself, for my favourite creators I was always switching it off. It was only for channels with aggressive advertising that show adverts every 2 min, you know, those ones you could not skip…

  85. Robert · 2023-10-18 07:50 · #

    Hopefully you find a fix soon! I love this Extension. I wouldn’t mind watching the ads if youtube didn’t censor or demonetize things they don’t like just because. You can’t show blood, say certain words, give facts on medical stuff, or do anything that doesn’t align with their views.

  86. Alex · 2023-10-18 08:44 · #

    I just got the three strikes warning so it looks like I’m stuck using Freetube and Revanced for the time being, assuming they don’t find a way to kill those too. Hopefully some of the alternative YouTube frontends like invidious will get some more attention because of this.

    I hope you guys find a fix soon, you’re doing good work.

  87. Mike · 2023-10-18 09:30 · #

    Youtube ads ! What a massive lol . It will force people elsewhere and Youtube content creators will lose viewers and Youtube will lose $$ .

  88. Tom · 2023-10-18 14:01 · #

    Surely the real solution is in the hands of Advertisers to request their ads are ‘only played to people who want to watch them’ and therefore MAY BUY their Products…
    Since Advertisers are paying for the ads to be played, surely it in their own interest to only pay for ads reaching ‘potential customers’ …
    Advertisers shouldn’t be happy being charged to FORCE ads on people who have no intention or interest in buying their products.
    Its a waste of advertisers money forcing ads on people who dont want to watch them.

  89. john donahue · 2023-10-18 15:04 · #

    Now very few people will use Youtube. A most fitting end for these greedy Corporate Cock Suckers who can now go fuck themselves as their fortunes fade!

  90. gato mau · 2023-10-18 18:03 · #

    usam Brave

  91. G-man · 2023-10-18 19:21 · #

    The best long term solution is to stop using Youtube as long as the hard block is up, in favor of other streaming sites which use less intrusive ads or give users more control over 3rd party content.

    If enough people do this, Youtube either slowly bleeds out its user base and is replaced, or reverts changes.

  92. Doug · 2023-10-18 20:37 · #

    YooToob: You have to turn off every privacy extension and view 42 ads before watching that 1-minute tutorial you were looking for.
    Me: logs off to view in Incognito Mode
    YooToob: VICTORY! Wait…

  93. Mark · 2023-10-18 20:54 · #

    No point in me paying for Adblock Plus Premium if you can’t block YouTube ads so i will be leaving until Adblock Plus can sort this out. YouTube/Google are greedy fascists so they can f*** off!

  94. David J · 2023-10-18 21:16 · #

    Dear Youtube!

    If you think we’re giving you a dime you’re about to learn a very harsh lesson. Enriching billionaire tech bros aint high on my list of priorities.

  95. Blockitallforever · 2023-10-18 21:34 · #

    “By right-clicking on the video you want to play and opening it in a Private session (as a logged-out user), doesn’t seem to activate the anti-ad block script and allows for playing the video without ads (for now).”

    Steven the hero!

  96. Quolen t. Quasit · 2023-10-18 21:46 · #

    I have found that I can still download youtube vids with any of the various “convert youtube to mp4” websites!
    Which is nice for music to add to my collection anyway.
    Alternately, I have found that if you right click and “Open Link In Private Window”, you can still watch.
    Apparently it is somehow tied in with your account.
    Though I do still enjoy downloading videos for my own collection and/or to put on my mp3 player.

  97. Pete · 2023-10-18 23:28 · #

    Adblock+ is incapable or unwilling to provide a fix. Install uBlock origin. AdBlock+ has become a piece of garbage.

  98. Simon · 2023-10-19 00:01 · #

    Easy fix: Keep adblock plus on, stay logged in youtube, but everytime you click on a video, use right click —> open in a new private window

    This way Adblock will work and you will still be able to use your own YT account.

  99. MikkDC · 2023-10-19 01:36 · #

    I have been having the message for the past few weeks and just got the “3 videos and player will be blocked” one. I’m using uBlock Origin and have been purging and updating filter lists every time I open Chrome, and this was working for the most part, but now it seems it no longer works. Guess I’ll just switch to Firefox or Ghostery and run AdGuard (as from what I can tell, that still works). If Google want to drive people to other browsers, they’re going the right way about it.

  100. Pommyman · 2023-10-19 04:55 · #

    At this stage, Fadblock extension in Firefox and the Brave browser seem to be working consistently. How long that lasts though, is anyone’s guess.

  101. switchtopornhub · 2023-10-19 05:56 · #

    lets all switch to pornhub.

  102. googlesearchisthenewyoutube · 2023-10-19 06:50 · #

    It seems if you watch videos on google search, adblock still works, so maybe all embedded videos work. keep up the good work.

  103. Arnold · 2023-10-19 08:33 · #

    I will ask companies that do advertise on YT to stop that whenever I make a purchase with them stating that I find their ad on YT annoying and have already considered buying from an other party and say this very well could be my last purchase from them.

  104. Skipy · 2023-10-19 10:28 · #

    For now with Windows 7 Addblock works perfectly

  105. Neurone · 2023-10-19 10:46 · #

    Weirdly my ipad using adguard is totally unaffected, whilst my desktop Mac using adguard for safari & firefox with uBlock is blocked.
    So there is some hope it can be bypassed.

  106. Instagrim · 2023-10-19 13:14 · #

    just leave youtube, rumble is pretty good too. inform your favourite content creator that you go to another platform and they will probably follow. youtube will notice this.

  107. box · 2023-10-19 14:28 · #

    i turned off youtube history, and it seems to have gotten rid of the problem.

  108. David J · 2023-10-19 16:12 · #

    As others have stated, viewing in a private browser instance seems to solve the problem, leads me to believe they’re tracking this via cookies.

    So what I do is watch in a private window, then if I want to drop a comment to the content creator I just open a regular, blocked window to do that.

  109. John Doe · 2023-10-19 17:01 · #

    The more ads Youtube pushed through, the more popular adblock usage became. In the beginning, advertisements were short and occasional. But today, watching is virtually impossible. YT has brought it upon themselves.

  110. Luke · 2023-10-19 17:13 · #

    Sometimes I get a black video screen (I suppose an ad should be shown) and there is no direct way to the video I wanted to watch in the first place.
    What is helping though is cycling to the next video (the button next to the “play” button) which loads perfectly and then going back a page in my browser to the inital video, which will also load and play perfectly without ads.
    Might not be the best solution but it works in my case (hopefully only necessary as a short term solution).

  111. Marty79 · 2023-10-19 19:30 · #

    I definitely do not put up with this from YouTube and look online for ways how I can circumvent the ad blocker detection at YouTube. In my opinion, you can only circumvent this, with scripts that are installed, for example in Tampermonkey. If I don’t find anything, I’ll learn how to write these scripts myself.

  112. Bob Butcher · 2023-10-19 20:47 · #

    Just boycott al Google products (if you can). Mainly start replacing Chrome with Brave. Such a greedy company deserve our meat in their mouths.

  113. Sin · 2023-10-19 22:37 · #

    THANK YOU, adblock team.

    I prefer 100 times to donate my money to YOUR team than feeding the greedy
    yt owners.

  114. jack · 2023-10-19 22:49 · #

    In other words u failed. You should not only block ads but also adblock detection

  115. sap · 2023-10-20 02:52 · #

    As of 6 days ago, adding the following to the custom filters prevents the “You’re using an add blocker give us money” popup to show up. Don’t know for how long though… The video will pause (as if the popup has appeared), just resume the video and you will not get any ads.*^$document

  116. J · 2023-10-20 05:54 · #

    Clearing your history in the hamburger menu might work. Found a comment stating this in the thread and did the trick for me. Just takes a few seconds for the video to load up (beats watching these awful ads).

  117. AdHater · 2023-10-20 10:13 · #

    10-20-23 — Noticed after the update the other day, Youtube is now trying to force ads through the blocker. So far only a single frame of the ad loads, it buffers for a min then the original vid plays without issue.

  118. Mishana · 2023-10-20 10:58 · #

    Currently, AdBlock is working for me again. I switched off other similar plug-ins, and even though there is a black screen for several seconds (the video is like… loading, but actually the ads are being skipped), it then plays without issues. The warning saying “You cannot play this video ‘cause you’re using AdBlock and blablabla” isn’t showing up anymore.

    I don’t really know what happened. I couldn’t play the videos only on the October 18, but since October 19, everything seems to be working fine as I don’t really mind the black screen for several seconds.

  119. stack · 2023-10-20 12:20 · #

    For now it seems deleting cookies for youtube “resets” the adblocker detection, I’m sure after a little bit it’ll pop up again. There’s also a tampermonkey script called RemoveAdblockThing on Git that seems to be working well.

    Sometimes the first frame of an Ad still shows before play instead of the thumbnail, and when opening in a background tab with autoplay disabled, sometimes it’ll be paused on an ad roll but won’t actually play the ad once you start.

  120. peet · 2023-10-20 14:05 · #

    install “ Proper Blocker” with adblocker plus , Right click anywhere on the screen, “Remove Overlay”, Problem Fixed!

  121. keith vass · 2023-10-20 14:06 · #


  122. Pett · 2023-10-20 14:10 · #

    install with ABP working in Sync

    Right click on the screen, : Poperblock -> Remove overlay

    Hope that helps

  123. Keith C · 2023-10-20 15:26 · #

    I was getting the same annoyance about adblock not allowed!
    My solution, I opened a video from one of my regular channels and allowed the advert to run (this was on my phone without adblock)
    I then paused the video on my phone but kept the app open, and logged into yt on my PC with adblock enabled.
    Voila, not a single advert or warning since then, happy dayz!!

  124. Frederick · 2023-10-20 17:08 · #

    Using Nord VPN in Ukraine bypass this for now

  125. fred craven · 2023-10-20 22:07 · #

    ad block plus got updated a few days ago and now it seems to work just fine for me

  126. Gman · 2023-10-20 22:12 · #

    You guys are doing God’s work out here.

    PRO TIP: You can bypass the anti-adblock wall, by LITERALLY PRESSING “F” to (not pay respects), but to put the video into fullscreen right through the wall, and the best part is that you don’t have to keep it in fullscreen, as the wall will just disappear

  127. Matthew · 2023-10-21 07:26 · #

    Mark my words! The moment Google succeeds in permanently banning adblockers from their YouTube website, I’m leaving YouTube forever and never coming back! That greedy company can go take their stupid ads and shove it down their throats! Maybe if the company decided to just play only one ad at the beginning of the video, regardless of its length, and then let the rest of the video play without any interruption, rather than have their ads play WHILE IN THE MIDDLE OF ACTUALLY WATCHING IT, I’d actually be willing to tolerate their ads! But no! Google is apparently too greedy to simply do that! They’d rather inconvenience their users every 5-10 minutes just to continue making a profit! Talk about corporate greed! Well good riddance to Google! I hope their entire company rots to bankruptcy in the future!

  128. aNON · 2023-10-21 08:08 · #

    Just received an update and no more warnings from YouTube! You guys ROCK!

  129. วิทวัส แกมจินดา · 2023-10-21 08:38 · #


  130. Johnson · 2023-10-21 12:23 · #

    As for now Brave browser works just fine. Also revanced version of youtube app will easily bypass youtube anti-adblock mechanism. Even if they ban all those methods I’ll use newpipe.

  131. Anon93 · 2023-10-21 14:13 · #

    As a previous commenter has mentioned, I too get a black window for as long as the advert is supposed to be on screen for and then I get the video. It’s better than nothing, but this doesn’t work at all if there’s multiple adverts before the video. It seems to get stuck on the first and doesn’t ever get to the second.

  132. Lay · 2023-10-21 18:17 · #

    Lo mejor que le podemos hacer a Youtube es una retirada masiva de Usuarios.!

  133. Roger · 2023-10-21 22:42 · #

    Just FYI … if you guys work out how to get around the youtube stuff, you will have my upgrade to your premium version!

  134. me · 2023-10-22 01:29 · #

    I don’t like ads with code. They allow drive by virus infections. If any site out there had completely code free, video free, gif free ads. A small logo preferably without a link. Links get you back into viruses if the ad is malvertising. Basically A company name and logo and a timer till its gone. I’m into that. only that. I’ve never had a problem with that.

  135. CliffE · 2023-10-22 06:55 · #

    Total rubbish move by google, they really suck! I think if you logout of google then you don;t get the messages. I guess you can still login to leave a comment then logout again, but meh that takes my time. I’m never logging into their service again :D

  136. StartAPetitionToStopYoutube'sGreed · 2023-10-22 11:55 · #

    We should start a petition to stop youtube’s greed seeing as the ads are forced on creators and the revenue is usually taken away for meaningless reasons. I don’t have to explain that stance. Google is going full tyrant after buying up all these companies and selling the data to whomever they choose. The petition should be simple: STOP GOOGLE GREED (then listing the various companies that have been bought and monopolized.) There was a reason that we stopped watching television in favor of online activity.

  137. RodB · 2023-10-22 18:04 · #

    I always use YouTube with auto-play off. (Yes, this means I have to make another click to play the video, but I prefer that over the auto-play behavior.) I’ve found that, though the notice pops up, refreshing the page makes it go away and I can then play the video as usual without further interruption.

  138. onlineszar · 2023-10-22 18:48 · #

    just sign out

  139. Bob · 2023-10-22 19:45 · #

    Also check out and Open source YouTube frontends with multiple instances. If one stops working, just switch to another.

  140. user · 2023-10-23 03:19 · #

    Until ol’ faithful ABP has a workaround – search for tampermonkey browser extension and just add the new script for youtube called “remove adblock thing”. Its been working so far. Maybe ABP can implement something similar? Much rather use ABP and one less extension.

  141. TechTipMan · 2023-10-24 05:10 · #

    Found a work around! There is an extension called “YouTube Adblock by Friendly” it auto skips ads and blocks banner ads, so it manages to pass through the filter, just whitelist YouTube on your ad-blocker and watch your videos still ad-free.

  142. Seb · 2023-10-24 10:24 · #

    i used DuckDuckGo for youtube and you only get one tiny silent ad when you first open youtube.
    AND, after only one day, youtube now lets me use ad blocker again.
    they be playing.

  143. Mark · 2023-10-24 12:42 · #

    I do not see the anti-ad blocking message at all, instead I get 10-15 seconds of a black screen before the video starts.
    The videos are not interrupted half way with ads.

    I live in Europe so maybe there is no anti-ad blocking message yet.

  144. Steve Ashcraft · 2023-10-24 18:01 · #

    YouTube made me shut off AD Blocker. I can hardly stand to watch YouTube anymore. Ads are cutting into the videos sometimes up to 3 ads per video. I watched YouTube for a long time without useless ads for things I would never even consider buying. What’s the answer to this problem?

  145. Steve · 2023-10-25 05:57 · #

    Ive signed out of my youtube account, and now Adblock seem’s to be working fine again

  146. max johnson · 2023-10-25 07:37 · #

    User Script

    Blocking alone is not sufficient.

  147. janna · 2023-10-26 04:25 · #

    I think this is going to turn out to be a much deeper problem for us. First they tried censorship on what you can and cannot talk about. Now this. They do not want us to have valuable information. I feel the entire Internet is doomed.
    For the time being, just watch your favourite sites on Bit Chute, etc. or go directly into the sites without being attached to Youtube. And don’t forget, you can read actual articles without all this nonsense.

  148. Hugo Duplaix · 2023-10-26 10:43 · #

    I was trying to dig into this new blocking thing from Youtube by searching into the requests ans scripts in the developer console and I discovered something weird, I’d like to know if it works for you guys. The simple fact of opening the developer console ( F12 ) make me able to display any video even if I already displayed 3 videos and without deactivating adblock. No ads, no restrictions.

  149. Roy Soo · 2023-10-26 15:52 · #

    This is SIMPLY just GREED from YT

  150. chad · 2023-10-26 16:02 · #

    Right click on video and open link in INCOGNITO window

  151. Martin Pin · 2023-10-26 16:52 · #

    Absolutely effing well fed up to the back teeth of these endless methods of control from YouTube and other organisations who think intrusive pop ups and Ads are the be-all and end-all of everything. I know they have to generate revenue somewhere for providing these services but, seriously, if these zealots had any modicum of common sense and aesthetics, they would limit having ads ONLY on YT videos that are longer than 60 minutes in duration rather than have so many disproportionate interruptions on ALL short videos and other clips (like music, education, TV clips, videos of pets, domestic, scenery, etc).

    This has completely sabotaged my enjoyment of my main late night YT ‘rabbit holing addictions – i.e. music videos and short nostalgic clips of old TV programmes, plus transport heritage vids, and foreign travel POV videos uploaded by people showing walking / train/cycling journeys etc…. which was what YouTube was such a great repository for given for so long, given that I do not have a TV, nor watch Sky, Netflix or any other overpriced subscription services as those things have never interested me at all.

    Thanks to this latest filthy tactic, it is now no longer possible for me to enjoy the indulgence of having two YT screens open simultaneously so I can click from one music video to another seamlessly for example (VJ-ing via YouTube if you like) creating a nice continuity of a chosen selection of songs one after the other with no gaps – now that every video is going to be interrupted by a pesky advert to start off with first. This really sucks big ones. Why must these powerful companies with more than enough millions in their coffers always resort to so many of these pointless control tactics just to spoil things?

  152. Rock Otto · 2023-10-26 17:26 · #

    With Musk-twit using Pentagramagon money to X out Twitter, we’re seeing the big squeeze before they pull the plug on society, or their plug is pulled by the serious enemies they’re creating. They want to X it all out Read the bible to prime your mind for the ‘hidden manna’ of Rev2, now being delivered. The Son is back.

  153. Kevin M · 2023-10-26 18:07 · #

    Some summaries from above…

    1) Signing out of your account does allow Adblock to still work. This is because a signed out user (technically) has not agreed to their terms of service. However, you lose the Home feed and history and subscribed channel lists. You can queue up your videos while signed in, and then reload the tabs once signed out.

    2) Open video in new Incognito window. This effectively is the same as #1 above without the need for signing out. Probably cleaner. You do lose the ability to comment, etc.

    3) Add “YouTube Adblock by Friendly” to Chrome, and then allow YT in Adblock Plus. This seems to work currently to allow you to sign in and still block ads.

    Options #1 and #2 likely will continue to work going forward albeit them somewhat tedious. Option #3 will likely continue to work until YT alters again their methods of advertising.

  154. fred craven · 2023-10-26 19:26 · #

    ad block plus was working but now not so, guessing youtube is going to continue to fight this

  155. Eric Richardson · 2023-10-26 20:44 · #

    I would pay $200 a year for Adblock Plus before I would pay YouTube a dime. Thanks to Adblock, I am able to watch 20+ hours of uninterrupted videos on YouTube every week — if my money can be used to help keep Adblock a step ahead of YT, it’s money well spent.

  156. Doug Hamilton · 2023-10-26 22:11 · #

    Youtube needs a new better competitor. Yes there are a bunch of competitors but they’re not better. It has to be better and profitable to motivate content creators to leave YT. Twitch is ugly af and too much gaming focus.

  157. Dani · 2023-10-26 22:24 · #

    Download videos with 4kdownloader or others and display them offline and without ads.

  158. Free internet is a mankind right · 2023-10-27 01:25 · #

    this is ridiculous, they are hurting the life’s of poor people who use youtube as entertainment, learning, music etc, not all people have the time or money, you don’t damage a company by watching fucking not famous low views videos or channels which have no intent to be paid just sharing content for the love of humankind, I have never seen this problem in my life and it makes me depressed, it should be a right to live without ads they will be considered psychological damage in the future and a abusive behavior by rich fucking people who don’t need more money anyway…

  159. Gaj · 2023-10-27 01:39 · #

    Use pihole on raspberry. See pihole on github

  160. gaj2 · 2023-10-27 01:42 · #

  161. Jonas · 2023-10-27 03:51 · #

    I received the ex strikes and your blocked experience earlier today. Signed out and was able to watch without videos again. Just signed back in and I’m back watching videos with no problem. IDK if YT backed down or if AdBlock did an update?

  162. M.Alvarez · 2023-10-27 04:03 · #

    I find it so hypocritical that youtube is “fighting for the content creator” for the ads to run BUT if you pay for their “premium” you don’t have to see an ad, so which is it is the ad important or not or only when we pay for it is it not necessary. You can sign out and it works BUT you can’t comment or like the videos, for now a good solution…thanks so much Adblock Plus you are the best.

  163. Jonas Mbele · 2023-10-27 04:12 · #

    None of the suggestions are working. Not one. I only use Ad Block for one site (YouTube). If it won’t work for me there I’ll just give up both.

  164. Dee Nuh · 2023-10-27 05:34 · #

    I’m done with YT! I signed off tonight. Goodbye YT. I’ll watch something else now. I know they won’t miss me, but whatever. Thank you to Adblocker for allowing me to watch YT ad free for several years.

  165. Daniele Silvaggi · 2023-10-27 13:52 · #

    Switched to Microsoft Edge and so far it works good and I’m signed into Youtube. Hopefully it will stay working.

  166. David J · 2023-10-27 16:33 · #

    What I’ve been doing for several weeks now:

    1) Right click the video link and open the video in new Incognito window to watch.

    2) Go back to the link to open the video normally, ignore the “blocked” warning and enter your comments and likes. Tedious but an effective middle finger to Youtube’s owners, Google/Alphabet.

  167. EZ solution · 2023-10-27 17:39 · #

    Just add “nsfw” before “youtube” in the URL bar, press enter, enjoy.

  168. SSZ Canada · 2023-10-27 18:37 · #

    I have just been blocking every single ad they show me since they started this nonsense. I will keep blocking the advertisements they show me so long as they show them.

    To block the ads

    Click on the info icon next to the advertiser’s name to open “My Ad Center”. Next, pick the “block ad” option. Then hit the close button. This skips the ad and goes straight back to the video.

  169. Dani · 2023-10-27 18:45 · #

    I am grateful to Adblock team (and I’ve sent them some money to say ‘thank you’ for all these years of helping us aginst the advert onslaught), for helping me watch and listen and learn from YT content wihout being hammered by the horrible adverts.
    So, thank you! I hope and pray you will find the solution.
    Reading through the content of this blog, I’ve downloaded the YT Music app to try. I’ve signed out of the YT account on my lap top but have to keep in on my phone. I hope the music app will work.
    Someone above said the Yout Tube owners are hypocrites. They are, I agree. All they want is your money but they will lose millions of subscribers when they try to exhort money from a common man.
    We will overcome and we will find the ways!
    I deliberately shut videos down when the ads turn up and re-open again. And I look for music and content that does not have adverts in – there are a few far and between, but they are.
    Thank you Adblock Team! Keep up the good work!

  170. James · 2023-10-27 19:20 · #

    I refreshed a couple times and it worked X )

  171. Erica Valantyne · 2023-10-27 23:55 · #

    I found that it is tied to your Google account , I use up too date firefox and usually have my gmail open in another Tab at the same time I am watching you tube in a firefox tab , If I sign out of you tube and do not have my Gmail open all works well , then if I sign into my Gmail in another firefox tab it starts the ad block notification on the youtube tab , my work around is to keep you tube logged out on my firefox (Primary ) browser and open gmail in a chrome browser , that way they do not interact

  172. uBO · 2023-10-28 02:13 · #

    Ablock Plus unfortunately cannot handle anti adblock because of their policies. Probably unable as well (not enough various filter technique).

    Adblocker called uBlock Origin blocks Youtube ads. They don’t have policies that prevent them from handling anti adblock stuff, and they also have filter techniques that are capable of doing so.

  173. Invid · 2023-10-28 02:49 · #

    Hey, a greatefully useful tip:
    If you are so heavy-Youtube user, consider using below solution to say farewell to advert completely!
    Invidious, a website which proxy youtube request.
    NewPipe, an Android app which does not use Youtube API
    Using either solution, you never see advert.

  174. Mark D Wita · 2023-10-28 06:00 · #

    Hopefully AdblockPlus comes up with a solution for YouTube. If it’s against their polices to block ad blocking then the answer is obviously no. Maybe someone can develop a filter so AdblockPlus isn’t held accountable.

    I love AdblockPlus. I didn’t even know there were ads on X aka Twitter. AdblockPlus destroys Twitter ads. I’ve never seen one.

  175. Monzur Alam · 2023-10-28 06:56 · #

    can’t we make any scripts that would automatically press the skip button without us doing it? or press the cross button on the banner ads? or we can skim the url beforehand to see if there’s an ad coming and it can refesh the page to get a new url where there’s no ad or very short skippable ads

  176. nikk · 2023-10-28 09:10 · #

    Guys, adblockPlus suddenly works on my pc! The only thing i changed in my routine was a typical cleaning of junk files with an app i have for that (im not going to advertsise it myself haha)! It completely blocks ads again! Thank you!

  177. Dave · 2023-10-28 18:40 · #

    Youtube has won. No other way to see it. As of this point,….Youtube is the victor in this battle. Until adblockplus can find a work around, I’m turning it off. All the other blocking utilities will end up the same. And I won’t be “leaving Youtube”,…because I have way too many content providers that I follow. I’ll just have to put up with dumbass ads from companies that I won’t ever buy. It’s stupid. But that’s the reality of right now.

  178. Tomsky · 2023-10-28 22:13 · #

    Currently if you log out or open in a private window, the blocker still then works. I’d rather not have a history or subscription list than watch ads, I am not watching a bunch of kangz trying to sell me Doritos for 30 seconds. Hell no, ever.

  179. Scarlet · 2023-10-29 02:01 · #

    These Youtube/Google people are horrible.

    First they were censoring my comments for speaking the truth.

    Now if you have google accounts and do not watch a video or something they will close your account after a while.

    Most truth speakers have been banned from youtube to the point where youtube is mostly for gaming and music.

    I had been able to bypass this with a script and by updating filters till today and idk if the firefox update had something to do with it.

    Right now what I do is either have youtube on chrome without being logged in or on a private windows where adblocks still function and from my blocked account I just right click the video and copy link and paste it in the other window. Annoying but I do not want to see adds. They are more annoying.

  180. Jonas Mbele · 2023-10-29 02:27 · #

    I get the warning when I use Edge but not in Firefox. Same account. Makes me wonder if Microsoft is colluding with Google/YouTube.

  181. Peter Huang · 2023-10-29 10:36 · #

    DONT USE CHROME with ad block and it will work.

    I’ve changed to Microsoft Edge just for youtube and ad block seems to work for me

  182. Kae · 2023-10-29 11:24 · #

    We have to fight against this. If YT get away with this nonsense, where does it end? Next we won’t be able to use our email with an ad blocker on, or Google Maps or Amazon etc….If they get away with this is sets a dangerous precedent for the entire internet.

    They’re making money hand over fist anyway, and don’t need to punish people for using an ad blocker, they’re simply doing it to get richer.

    Their platform hosts all manner of toxic behaviour and illegal activity (I’ve seen one channel actually break into a grave and remove the skull of a priest in one video and despite hundreds of complaints/reports, the footage still remains on the site.) which they do absolutely nothing about. While I enjoy some creators on there, I refuse to support YT’s greed in any way.

  183. Er · 2023-10-30 09:32 · #

    Just watch the video’s from bing, there will be no ads there :)

  184. Kitty · 2023-10-30 15:13 · #

    Hello, when I first saw the popup, I was so upset. Now, it’s just unbearable. According to their TOS, we are risking our accounts being blocked for violating their policies. So, now I sign out before I open it, that way it’s not tied to my account. I was getting the 3 video block warning after many single warnings. I assume they were getting ready to go after my account. Sign out. You get the warning, but you can then play the videos you want to play without any problems. Ads will stop, and the warnings are limited. I hope this helps.

  185. mia · 2023-10-30 15:29 · #

    Unsubscribing seems like a good approach, except it hurts the people you want to follow who are deriving an income from their videos, or at least being encouraged to share their knowledge because they see that people appreciate their efforts. I don’t think the people who run yt going to feel the pain.

  186. ME · 2023-10-30 22:55 · #

    I log in with Microsoft edge and find what i want to watch
    , then copy the link and paste it into a google window without being logged in. No adds and i can use my you tube account as normal. only takes a few seconds.

  187. Rip VanWinkle · 2023-10-31 07:10 · #

    Can confirm suggestions to delete browser data on Chrome. Completely resets whatever tracking YouTube is using to detect your use of Adblock Plus. You must delete data past the point where YouTube started keeping track, or it will come back faster. I tried just deleting the last day and after a couple of videos, the popup came back. Deleted all the data from the time I installed Chrome, and it’s been just as it was before. Doing this each day after a full reset should keep the popups away — for now.
    Perhaps your techs can focus on deleting or denying those specific cookies that YouTube is using to keep track of such things? This may be an easier fix than it appears to be.

  188. Vlado · 2023-10-31 09:51 · #

    If finally YouTube ads cannot be filtered, it is time to start migrating to other video platforms. They are tremendously invasive and annoying, every time I see one, instead of inciting me to buy the advertised product, what they achieve is that I become upset with the product and the advertiser and the last thing I want to do is buy it. Curious mentality of attracting clients by continually bothering them.

  189. Arunas Lithuania · 2023-10-31 12:16 · #

    Just start using the Brave browser or remove all add blockers and install uBlock Origin, update it and you will view YouTube again without ads. :)

  190. Ron S · 2023-10-31 18:19 · #

    I think this could go one of two ways: One, Google goes full bore on the anti-ad blocking software or two, they start to lose revenue from users just not bothering anymore and they relent and let users continue using ad blocking software.
    Don’t be fooled, Google has the tools to completely render their site useless with ad blockers, no matter how much code is changed.
    I have as compromise that I think would work but I don’t know if Google or the ad sponsors would go for it. Instead of having commercial type ads, have the sponsors scroll their adverts at the bottom while the video is playing.

  191. Mslt · 2023-10-31 23:55 · #

    Every cloud has a silver lining – this is how YT only increases the number of website users like, which I think will be the YT killer.

  192. Jackdog · 2023-11-01 00:18 · #

    I never ever watch ads of any kind – TV or computer, I mute teh TV for every commercial except Superbowl. Forcing me to view YT ads will just drive me away from their content. I dont understand the mindset at Google. Geez we have these people that wont watch ads so we should force them to – what will they gain if anything? I suspect it all comes down to better numbers for Google’s advertisers. When we block an ad they cant claim they showed it to an end user, with ad blocking removed they can say that you watched the ad even though you most likely ignored it.

  193. Andrei · 2023-11-01 00:30 · #

    I would be happy to pay for AdBlock if they can get rid of the YT ads.

  194. Next · 2023-11-01 03:43 · #

    As a workaround: Turn off ABP on YouTube, open video. When ad start playing, click Next (Shift+N), then click Back to return to the video you wanted to watch. It starts playing w/o ads.

  195. Avery St. Clair · 2023-11-01 06:29 · #

    There’s one option that you didn’t explicitly name in the article — cease watching YouTube. I’m so grateful to ABP for making the last 4-5 years virtually ad-free for me, but I will SO not be held hostage by YT. Life is too short. I’ll do without.

  196. Jack · 2023-11-01 15:38 · #

    For all those suggesting to log out, I’m getting the 3-video message and I’m never logged in. I doubt it makes a difference.

    And can someone spare us all the sanctimonious “you don’t need You Tube!” responses from all the arrogant high-on-life a-holes out there? You’re not helping, people.

  197. Marty Hillman · 2023-11-01 20:17 · #

    Just spit-balling. What if the ad blocker accepted the blocked traffic as far as the web server was concerned (returns a 200), but redirects that particular traffic to a “browser” at /dev/null. Similar to what PiHole is doing through DNS, but actually improved in that it sends a success back and remains transparent. I believe the whole circumvention of the ads will come down to the web server thinking they got their crap to the user. Nothing wrong with lying to the webserver and accepting the traffic to /dev/null.

  198. Maurix · 2023-11-01 21:50 · #

    Use Brave Browser. Right click on video. Select open in “incognito window”.
    Still working!!!
    I hope that helps!!!

  199. Christian Mills · 2023-11-01 23:16 · #

    Blocking Adblockers Goes Against People’s Privacy which Goes Against Democracy.

  200. Christian Mills · 2023-11-01 23:19 · #

    And If You Do Not Like This Bullshit Move then Sue Youtube.

  201. Christian Mills · 2023-11-01 23:22 · #

    Blocking Adblockers Goes Against What The FBI Reccomends.

  202. anonymous · 2023-11-02 01:12 · #

    Interesting. To some degree I look to Adblock Plus for my own personal morals, I’ve agreed with what I’d read of them before about the balance to be struck between personal control of your own computer and content owners’ rights not to provide their product ad-free. Sure enough, I think I’m going to adopt the position they take here. I think things as they are a reasonable detente between the parties. I get to block ads, they get to block showing me movies without ads. That’s what I think is and should be the legal situation (it’s nice to get to like a legal situation now and then)

    Legalities aside, It’s going to be interesting deciding for myself how to react to it, and seeing how everyone else does. Unless they close the incognito loophole I don’t think it’ll be anything but a temporary bump. If they actually make it hard to circumvent then it will get REALLY interesting. Will the big bump in numbers they see to people caving outweigh the long-term damage of giving another large group of people the serious motivation to raise their literacy level on how to circumvent such things?

  203. Anonymous · 2023-11-02 01:30 · #

    Another way that works for me is following:
    click the share button below the video
    > embed
    From there on it works like usual.

  204. Mitchell Soh · 2023-11-02 15:39 · #

    Let them self-destruct by not supporting their site anymore!

  205. aNon · 2023-11-02 21:32 · #

    I just received another update today from Adblock Plus and the ads have returned.

  206. aNon · 2023-11-02 21:33 · #

    Regarding my above comment just a few minutes ago… The ads have returned on YouTube.

  207. Glenys · 2023-11-02 21:40 · #

    Hi there
    I’m extremely frustrated like so many others, about being bullied to endure ads on Youtube. Then just the other day, a friend sent me a Youtube video via email to my Gmail account, and when I opened it in my email, it streamed perfectly fine without any ads. So, I then copied the link into my Youtube, and played it again to see if it had any ads – and bingo! Ad’s galore! 
    So, I then thought I’d try to send the links for the Youtube videos  I wanted to watch, to myself in my Gmail account, and then I opened them and streamed them while still in my email. No ads – and yet, again, these same videos had ads when viewed through my Youtube account.  And so far, in my experimenting, I’ve only been forced to watch two videos in the Youtube platform, after getting a notice on them that it can only be viewed in Youtube. Of course, full of ads.
    So, my question is – why can I stream ad free in my Gmail, the very same videos that are full of ads in my Youtube?  Could it be because I actually pay for my Gmail account for extra storage?
    Or is there something else going on in the background of the Gmail platform that could help  you, Adblockplus, with your current challenge. 
    For background – I am in New Zealand.Also, my daughter, in the same house as me, is still happily watching Youtube videos without any ad issues, while my ex-husband next door, only gets warnings at the start of the video to unlock his adblocker but so far, (and its been a couple of weeks for him now), no warning that his channel will be blocked if he doesn’t allow ads. My channel swiftly got this targeted message and wouldn’t work to stream videos after the three warnings, not until I disabled AdblockPlus.  None of us use VPN’s. 
    I hope something of my experience here will assist some of you.

  208. lakawak · 2023-11-03 10:38 · #

    /you can also use uBlock, which works great AND doesn’t open a new tab begging for money whenever they update. Behavior that is EXADTLY what we are trying to get rid of with ad block extensions. Not to mention, unlike AdBlock Plus, advertisers CAN’T pay uBlock to let their ads through. uBlock has integrity. Adblock Plus does not.

  209. Oleg · 2023-11-03 11:05 · #


    Use this adblocker:

    And it’s free – many reviews say its the best blocker!

    It works on every browser with youtube!

  210. PHC · 2023-11-03 20:11 · #

    I have a couple of machines that it works ok on, even logged in – only one machine (this one) doesn’t allow videos with my ABP activated, but I just cleared my browsers cookies cache, logged in to youtube again and the ads have gone! Could it be that simple? I suppose I can easily repeat the process if the block happens again.

  211. Jack Meihoff · 2023-11-03 20:32 · #

    I agree with PHC. I have several computers and was getting the warning on most of them. One, however, was working without ads. Today on that one I got the warning. I “Cleared Browsing Data” and after, no warning, no ads. I use Edge. Don’t believe those that made comments today that uBlock Origin works. If you read the comments when you get to the “add to browser” page for the add-in, many are commenting that it doesn’t prevent the YT message either. These are just the developers trying to get us to move away from AB+.

  212. aNon · 2023-11-04 02:19 · #

    PHC (#210) was correct. I deleted all cookies, restarted the computer, and that fixed everything (so far). Thx for the advice.

  213. Harley · 2023-11-04 10:45 · #

    I used YouTube for listening to music. Due to their new Ad blocking policy, I’ve decided to purchase a subscription — to Spotify! See ya later YouTube.

  214. Ali · 2023-11-04 14:35 · #

    Not being logged in works most of the time, problem is you cannot comment or like the video which is reducing its visibility since the algos use it. Also, doesn’t the like and views impact the payments for the creator?

  215. mkp1151 · 2023-11-04 14:40 · #

    My solution to YouTube’s crackdown on ad blockers is simple: I have stopped using YouTube altogether. And I don’t miss it one bit.

  216. pbergonzi · 2023-11-04 15:57 · #

    Thank you @Anonymous post # 203—I just tested your method in Chrome with Adblock Plus and it worked for me also.

  217. Dezz Nutz · 2023-11-04 16:34 · #

    I, like the rest of you, got the message approximately 10 days ago from Youtube while using it on the Chrome browser. I continued to use it till they blocked me. I deleted that Youtube account and went over to Microsoft Edge where I had a secondary account. Everything was fine there till yesterday, when I started getting the warning.
    So it seems like Google started with their own Browser and have now moved on to Microsoft Edge. I can only assume Firefox, Safari, etc are next?
    The fact you can log out and still watch videos ad-free is nice, but then you cannot comment, nor will the algorithm be able to work for your recommendations. A lot of these work arounds are a huge pain, or are time consuming.
    The simplest thing is to unplug from Youtube. Ive joined Rumble and its slowly improving, but you wont find all the content creators which are on Youtube just yet.
    Google’s slogan used to be “Do no evil.” That slogan disappeared around 6-7 years ago. Their greed is unparalleled, and they are the biggest corporate abusers of free speech, and thats saying a lot, if you consider how Zuckerburg likes to censor free speech.
    I would like to thank AdBlock for 11+ years of Ad-free content on Youtube, and I have been donating the past few years, but if it doesn’t work for “Video logs hosted on corporate sites” anymore, then I most likely will not.

  218. aNon · 2023-11-05 01:03 · #

    Regarding my last comment (#212). YouTube must have tweaked something today because now I’ve been blocked until I allow ads. F*k YouTube. I hope you guys figure it out.

  219. N · 2023-11-05 04:14 · #

    Don’t know if this has already been mentioned (Don’t particularly want to read 200+ comments) but to those looking for a fairly quick workaround, you can click share, then embed and an ad-free version of the video will pop up (you obviously don’t need to actually embed the video in anything).

    It works with looping, so you can set a song to play on repeat and it should stay up even if you click into a new tab as long as you don’t click anywhere else on the page you’re in.

    It doesn’t really work with playlists as the site keeps automatically going to the next one after roughly 10 secs of no playback.

  220. Not A Schmuck · 2023-11-05 13:10 · #

    What a load of BULLSHIT! telling us to our faces they’re trying while all the time they’re sucking Google’s dick and taking their monies! Go do the forum survey and read the questions they ask, all lean towards protecting YouTubes Ad revenue!

  221. smith · 2023-11-05 15:03 · #

    welcome to the dictatorship of big busines

  222. The Final Solution · 2023-11-05 23:00 · #

    How do we defeat Youtube and its greedy management ? Simple , punish the creators , unsub , no likes , no engagement , and use firefox private with any ad blocker to watch ad free.

    Next contact any company that uses youtube ads and tell them flatout you will never purchase anything from them because they pay for youtube ads , 10-20 complaints won’t do much , but there is billions of us , imagine a companies say “Ford” management getting hundreds of thousands of complaints a day .

    If we make the youtube profits drop by 30-45% they’ll panic and relent . We have all the power folks .

    This is war , and in war there are casualties.

  223. aNon · 2023-11-05 23:45 · #

    Well, I had to disable AdBolckPlus for YouTube, so I found an alternative. I installed uBlock and everything is great again on YouTube. So far, everything is playing without ads until YouTube figures out another way around it.

    No, I’m not promoting uBlock. My old posts under this same name begin at post #79. I’ve left a number of comments. AdBlockPlus was my go-to, but until they get it straightened out, uBlock seems to be the (way for now)…at least on YouTube.

  224. Rosh · 2023-11-06 11:12 · #

    Everyone needs to stop using Youtube. This is getting out of hand. They’re imposing ads onto us. If it was a 5second ad an the beginning, fair enough. But with these multiple unskipable ads. Thats ridiculous!

    As consumers we have the power and if enough people stop watching youtube altogether. This can be reversed

  225. rich · 2023-11-07 00:31 · #

    youtube ads are getting out of control. 5-10 seconds ads at beginning is fine, but I to cut in mid sentence for an add, esp when you are listing to a song, wow that is quite annoying. Also, if I am watching a news clip 45 secs to 1 minute and a half, there is no need to force an ad on me. If there is no work around to avoid these ads, I will boycott youtube.

  226. Dean · 2023-11-07 11:54 · #

    Ublock does not work either now. Not even with new filter settings…

  227. Jay · 2023-11-07 21:27 · #

    Ublock works for me, make sure you get just Ublock and not Ublock Origin, that one didn’t work

  228. O · 2023-11-07 22:04 · #

    Couple of days ago I could watch videos while logged in. It worked about 2 days. Then I had to log out again. Today, if I watch logged out a notice asking me either to disable my adblock or pay for the youtube premium displays. I can close it but within next couple of days, youtube will most likely be disabled even for logged out users.

    Browsing through an anonymous window is no solution for me. Youtube works but adblock doesn’t.

    Isn’t there any tool usable for both downloading and watching videos from youtube with no ads?

  229. O · 2023-11-07 22:22 · #

    I deleted the chrome cookies and restarted the browser. After logging on, youtube works fine with no ads.

  230. Alex King · 2023-11-08 22:09 · #

    Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this, but if you post a youtube video to a Discord server it will not show any ads. No idea why but works for every video so far

  231. O · 2023-11-09 05:07 · #

    # 229: Deleting cookies no longer works.

  232. Steven · 2023-11-09 07:21 · #

    So, apparently YouTube claims that trying to circumvent their ads is not legal. The assumption appears to be that you will use a software ad-blocker (like Adblock Plus). But what works 100% of the time is 1) hit mute, and 2) do a different activity (reading a book, looking at your photos, etc.), kind of glance at the YT screen till it’s over or you see the “skip” notice. Okay, I’ve just circumvented their ads in a non-software way. I would challenge any court to find any problem with that. Then, by extension, if you were to circumvent their ads with software, what would be the difference? That it makes it more convenient for me. Anyway, “mute and read” is 100% reliable and YouTube cannot prevent that. :)

    The other issue that is sometimes commented on, but not enough, is HOW and WHAT they show. They could make the ads of greater interest and less obnoxious. I’ve tweaked my ad customization to the max on Google, and honestly, 1) there’s not that much choice in tweaking, and 2) it often doesn’t seem to do much good anyway.

  233. Nathan · 2023-11-09 11:26 · #

    Working Method as of 09/11/2023(9th november)
    Just sign out from youtube and you no longer get ads or the anti Adblock wall for videos

  234. Jonathan · 2023-11-09 12:39 · #

    I followed the advice and used UBLOCK as my NEW ADBLOCKER

    Its working on youtube!! THANK YOU

  235. Itzu1812 · 2023-11-09 13:55 · #

    Using Firefox: I switched to a private tab with AdBlock Plus, and Youtube is working without ads just fine.
    I wouldn’t mind ads if they were less intrusive and annoying: for example, I bear with Spotify ads. But Youtube ads are just too many and the most intrusive: I really despise that they appear in the middle of a video. If Youtube stops working without ads, I’ll just stop using it, simple as.

  236. Dunc · 2023-11-10 00:15 · #

    I changed browsers and it doesn’t seem to be blocking me, and the adblocker is working, ironically while using chrome.

  237. aNon · 2023-11-10 03:51 · #

    YouTube is illegally entering our PCs and searching our cookies/browsers to see if we are using ad blockers. I never gave them permission to do that.

    So far, UBLOCK is holding up and working for me. F**k YouTube.

  238. KeiraR · 2023-11-10 12:39 · #

    log out, remove cookies (google and youtube) log in, works fine.
    If it starts to bitch again, rinse and repeat.
    Alternatively download freetube, it’s kind of awesome.

    Thank you Ad block people, you have been making my life better since you started. =)

  239. annapurna · 2023-11-10 20:40 · #

    im not sure exactly what happened but ABP has been working well on YouTube since just now. (I didn’t do anything.) Thank you.

  240. LetopisetulMoldovei · 2023-11-11 01:02 · #

    I agree with annapurna. ABP suddenly works again on Chrome without doing anything to it. Did YouTube canceled all the blocking nonsense or ABP did an update?

  241. anonymousW · 2023-11-11 03:40 · #

    When a video on youtube is blocked I log out and log back in, that seems to work for now for me.

  242. Mighthelp · 2023-11-13 07:30 · #

    Reverting back to an older version of Mozilla/Firefox fixed the issue for me. Maybe Mozilla is now sharing my extension options with Youtube, or Youtube is pulling that info some way?

  243. RickS · 2023-11-13 13:03 · #

    @Steven #232, it’s not illegal like you’re breaking the law, but a violation of their terms of service, which we all agreed to abide by without reading them. They have somewhere in there, I guess, that you can’t do anything to bypass their ads, which makes sense because they want to make money.

    Say you want to borrow someone’s kitchen knife. They tell you that they are vegan, so they don’t want you to cut meat with it. You agree not to cut meat with it, then take it home and cut meat with it. You didn’t break the law, you just broke your agreement you had.

  244. JDown · 2023-11-13 20:40 · #

    Agreed annapurna, I noticed it started working recently after I had disabled ABP for a few days. I’m curious what the update was – whether youtube is no longer enforcing it or ABP did something. Either way, reprive.

  245. FX1 · 2023-11-13 23:26 · #

    I cannot believe we are being tracked on youtube by google. Google which has been hiding vital information from everyone while promoting a witch hunt on truth speakers. We need to start replacing youtube.

  246. fuck fascism and tyranny · 2023-11-14 07:54 · #


    We all already had 3 years of NWO trial period during 3 year COVID BULLSHIT. Who benefited from that? gogle, FB, and their friends.

    Do you understand that gogle is a fascist organisation imposing tyranny on all of us? They are against free speech, the foundation of freedom!

    Why would you ever use their services? You make them stronger and support this fascism and tyranny that way.

    Don’t even bother to find a way to watch yt with new methods, this makes no sense, don’t feed the beast!

    There is only 1 solution to get freedom back. Say magic word ‘NO’ to fascism and tyranny, boycott all fascist organisations, don’t use their services, simple as that.

    If you can’t sacrifice using yt and other similar fascist services, for a freedom of humanity, then you don’t deserve freedom, because you feed the beast, and you should struggle with these ads. Later you will need to give yt your credit card, fingerprints, DNA, facial biometrics, etc to keep watching yt. And soul? No, they will not ask for your soul. They already have your soul since they got you addicted to yt.


    We should let amazing ADBLOCK creators, who saved us from ads for many years, (thanks for that!) to start a new project via crwodfunding, with goal to create a new video platform which will be better than yt.
    There are 100’s of millions of us, if we give them $10 each, they can set up a new video platform better than yt!


    Best regards to all ads haters! I am with you all!
    F….ads, F…yt, F…gogle!!!

  247. Former carver · 2023-11-15 08:15 · #

    A quick solution for me (I apologize if this was already posted). Opened an Incognito window (Ctl-Shift-n)
    Ran the video in that new window. No anti-ad block message.
    Video I ran is from AskLeo newsletter –

  248. Jeffy · 2023-11-15 14:08 · #

    For me the only problem I’ve been getting is extremely slow video load times on YouTube. This has only been a thing in the past week or so. a vid will take about 30-60 seconds to even start playing opposed to like 2 seconds or so. fortunately it usually keeps a healthy buffer health so won’t need pausing and waiting but if i skip past this it will take that long again to start playing as opposed to a few seconds again.

    But I really appreciate everything AdblockPlus has done over the years, it’s just these companies getting smarter in recent times. Absolutely not AdblockPlus’s fault. We can just hope we can get back ahead of this

  249. Andre Michael Pietroschek · 2023-11-16 01:17 · #

    The mere statement that ONE corporation decides what millions of people are allowed to use as software on their personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices made my mindset return to `mors tyrannis vita mea!´.

  250. Hector Bonilla Jr · 2023-11-17 04:02 · #

    It works now! Thank you!

  251. Mervelous · 2023-11-17 05:27 · #

    I insisted on not turning off ABP on YT since I got their warning text. The last one day I mistakenly opened 2 different videos, I got no more warning. Whatever you’ve done seems working. Thank you for your efforts, not just latelty, but whole time. You’ve been always a life and time saver!

  252. olaf · 2023-11-17 15:57 · #

    if i get the message and can not watch the video i put on my vpn and emulate that i am on the other site of the planet and everything works once agai without any messages

  253. Katherine M. Miller · 2023-11-17 23:17 · #

    I wanted to try out he bargains at Public; especially the Pharmacy. The store
    is always clean and workers are friendly, but I cannot seem to get through all the “red tape”. I will be 88 years tomorrow (11/18/l935!

  254. Ive Pedley · 2023-11-18 18:52 · #

    I still find that Adblock isnt working for me, however UBlock Origin is. I only use Youtube to watch music videos, and now only use it logged out of my account, which is maybe why UBlock is working. I

  255. Tackle Boxer · 2023-11-18 19:42 · #

    I’ve found that popping the YT video out into it’s little viewer, and gain control of the video for watching and controlling volume.

  256. UltraSkull · 2023-11-20 09:21 · #

    thank you so much, from the heart of a brother of metal: LET FREEDOM REIGN AND OUR LIVES BE OUR OWN AS WE CHOOSE

    people know whats happening, the internet was supposed to be our tool of advancement and communication, but its being used as a tool of capitalist interest.

    stand for our brothers and sisters and win the fight against the wall of corrupted hearts. born to live born to love.

  257. Joker In The Bronx · 2023-11-22 04:27 · #

    ABP works in Chrome. It does not work in Firefox, which is annoying because I violently despise every aspect of Chrome.

    I’m still getting the block on Firefox.

  258. CJ · 2023-11-22 20:19 · #

    I signed out of my account and youtube plays fine for me now.

  259. John Evans · 2023-11-23 15:49 · #

    Ad Skipper is a good, free substitute.

  260. laura · 2023-11-24 16:38 · #

    adblockplus actually worked on youtube without any problems for me up until today, november 24th… it’s so over

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