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Adblock Plus 1.2 for Internet Explorer released · 2014-08-13 12:14 by Oleksandr Paraska

Install Adblock Plus 1.2 for Internet Explorer

It has been a long while since our previous release for Internet Explorer. We have been busy tweaking and tuning and fixing different aspects of the Internet Explorer extension for this release. There were quite a few bumps along the way which caused delays. To speedup the development we’ve made a decision to drop support for IE6 and IE7. So currently IE versions 8 to 11 are supported. In case of IE6 and IE7 Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer should still run, with minor glitches though which we are not planning to fix. Luckily, after a bunch of devbuilds we are now ready for a public release.

In this release we’ve resolved a wide range of issues. While you can look up the full list of issued fixed in our issue tracker, the most important changes are:

  • Full support of Enhanced Protected Mode
  • Acceptable Ads are now supported
  • Improved installer. Made it multilingual. And it will now be able to detect if IE is opened and close if needed.
  • Fixed incorrect blocking of videos on a wide range of websites
  • Fixed a lot of stability issues
  • Fixed incorrect blocking of non-ad content
  • ABP should not be triggering “Only secure content is displayed” warning message anymore

It is worth mentioning that there are also a few known issues we still need to tackle, most important being “ads on Google Search sometimes aren’t hidden”. This issue can be reproduced no matter whether Acceptable Ads are enabled or disabled, so it may cause some confusion which is why we are planning to fix it ASAP (in the next few weeks).


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  1. mapx · 2014-08-13 12:48 · #

    the main page for IE is still pointing to the previous 1.1

    Reply from Felix Dahlke:

    Points to 1.2 for me – reloading should do the trick.

  2. mapx · 2014-08-13 14:07 · #

    now it’s ok.

  3. ah23 · 2014-08-13 17:12 · #

    Awesome update! having it run in Enhanced Protected Mode is outstanding. I’ve found that IE has oddly enough been the most stable browser for me since the release of Windows 8, I couldn’t switch to it though because my ABP wasn’t coming with me. This addon is a MUST have for any browser.
    Now if we could only have it in the Metro IE my life would be complete :)

  4. Eduard · 2014-08-13 19:03 · #

    Thanks works perfect IE11

  5. Sargon · 2014-08-13 19:19 · #

    There still appears to be an issue with
    Each post there usually has “download”, “add to favourites” etc. buttons on the right side, however when using ABP those button only appear there for a second or so while the page is still loading and then it kind of gets hidden behind an empty ad frame.
    Here’s a random link for example:
    (This is only an issue with IE ABP, works fine with ABP on Firefox)

    Other than that it appears to be working flawlessly.
    I do wish the ABP button was in the “Command bar”, like Microsoft’s addons, instead of the “Status Bar”, but that’s not that big of an issue.

  6. mapx · 2014-08-13 19:23 · #

    “the Metro version of IE does not use any addons except Flash. Considering that’s a big staple of mobile devices these days, that likely won’t change and is why you still have access to desktop IE.”

  7. julie · 2014-08-14 02:01 · #

    thanks for making this, i was wondering when an update for IE would come. i would check this site from time to time, so when i saw that there was an update, i was very happy.

  8. Oliver · 2014-08-14 09:48 · #

    Hey, is it possible to disable the “update notification”?

  9. André · 2014-08-14 11:36 · #

    I got a crash when closing the IE with this version:

    PROCESS_NAME: iexplore.exe

    ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 – Die Anweisung in 0x%08lx verweist auf Speicher 0x%08lx. Der Vorgang %s konnte nicht im Speicher durchgef hrt werden.

    EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 – Die Anweisung in 0x%08lx verweist auf Speicher 0x%08lx. Der Vorgang %s konnte nicht im Speicher durchgef hrt werden.



    READ_ADDRESS: 00a7a728

    73e7cbb7 e9a8520000 jmp ieframe!CIEFrameAuto::_ActivatePendingNavigateContext+0×17 (73e81e64)



    APP: iexplore.exe




    00 ntdll!NtWaitForMultipleObjects
    01 KERNELBASE!WaitForMultipleObjectsEx
    02 kernel32!WerpReportFaultInternal
    03 kernel32!WerpReportFault
    04 kernel32!BasepReportFault
    05 KERNELBASE!UnhandledExceptionFilter
    06 ntdll!__RtlUserThreadStart
    07 ntdll!_EH4_CallFilterFunc
    08 ntdll!_except_handler4_common
    09 ntdll!_except_handler4
    0a ntdll!ExecuteHandler2
    0b ntdll!ExecuteHandler
    0c ntdll!KiUserExceptionDispatcher
    0d combase!CStdMarshal::ReleaseAllIPIDEntries
    0e combase!CStdMarshal::{dtor}
    0f combase!CStdIdentity::{dtor}
    10 combase!CStdIdentity::CInternalUnk::Release
    11 combase!IUnknown_Release_Proxy
    12 ieframe!CIEFrameAuto::_ActivatePendingNavigateContext
    13 ieframe!CIEFrameAuto::~CIEFrameAuto
    14 ieframe!CIEFrameAuto::`vector deleting destructor’
    15 ieframe!CAggregatedUnknown::CUnkInner::Release
    16 ieframe!CIEFrameAuto::Release
    WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
    17 AdblockPlus32!OnUpdate
    18 AdblockPlus32!OnUpdate
    19 AdblockPlus32!OnUpdate
    1a AdblockPlus32!OnUpdate
    1b IEShims!CShimBindings::DllMainHook
    1c IEShims!CShimBindings::s_DllMainHook
    1d ntdll!LdrxCallInitRoutine
    1e ntdll!LdrpCallInitRoutine
    1f ntdll!LdrShutdownProcess
    20 ntdll!RtlExitUserProcess
    21 kernel32!ExitProcessImplementation
    22 msvcrt!__crtExitProcess
    23 msvcrt!_initterm
    24 msvcrt!exit
    25 iexplore!__wmainCRTStartup
    26 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk
    27 ntdll!__RtlUserThreadStart
    28 ntdll!_RtlUserThreadStart

    SYMBOL_NAME: ieframe!CIEFrameAuto::_ActivatePendingNavigateContext+77

    IMAGE_NAME: ieframe.dll

    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: INVALID_POINTER_READ_SHUTDOWN_c0000005_ieframe.dll!CIEFrameAuto::_ActivatePendingNavigateContext

    BUCKET_ID: APPLICATION_FAULT_INVALID_POINTER_READ_SHUTDOWN_ieframe!CIEFrameAuto::_ActivatePendingNavigateContext+77


    FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: um:invalid_pointer_read_shutdown_c0000005_ieframe.dll!cieframeauto::_activatependingnavigatecontext

    Loaded symbol image file: AdblockPlus32.dll Image path: C:\Program Files\Adblock Plus for IE\AdblockPlus32.dll Image name: AdblockPlus32.dll Browse all global symbols functions data Timestamp: Tue Aug 12 16:40:59 2014 (53EA277B) CheckSum: 000A2B17 ImageSize: 0009B000 File version: Product version: File flags: 0 (Mask 3F) File OS: 4 Unknown Win32 File type: 2.0 Dll File date: 00000000.00000000 Translations: 0409.04b0 CompanyName: Adblock Plus ProductName: Adblock Plus InternalName: Adblock Plus OriginalFilename: AdblockPlus.dll ProductVersion: 1.2.0 FileVersion: 1.2.0 FileDescription: Adblock Plus Module LegalCopyright: Copyright 2013
  10. James Inglis · 2014-08-14 14:25 · #

    After installing the update my preferred browser I.E.8 kept crashing when trying to log into forums where I block all ads.
    Using system restore to go back to before the update fixed this for me. I will not be installing any more updates

  11. KG · 2014-08-14 21:34 · #

    After upgrading to 1.2, in IE11 (32-bit and 64-bit) on Windows 7 64-bit, many websites do not work properly; specifically, the page displays briefly, then it jumps to an ads website, which is blocked and does not display. It used to do that very rarely with version 1.1, but now it is very common. The same websites display fine (with AB enabled) on Chrome.

  12. booozzzy · 2014-08-15 04:57 · #

    my preferred browser I.E8 (v. 8.0.7601.17514.64 Bit) kept crashing after update (my choice was block all).
    I see in Prgram and Functions that both AdBlock Plus versions are inastalled. After deinstalling 1.2 version and repair 1.1 version works my IE fine.

  13. Dan · 2014-08-16 09:47 · #

    Fantastic, love ABP-IE! Please keep releasing updates more often instead of six months apart.

  14. Andrew · 2014-08-17 20:17 · #

    Returned to version 1.1, more compatible with IE8. With v1.2 the Page Back / Page Forward list was littered with ad urls, making the back/forward functionality useless.

    For instance, in version 1.1 if I start on Page A, then link to Page B, then Page C – only those three urls show in the Page Back/Forward list, and I can go forward and backward repeatedly to each page in order. V1.1 never added the urls of blocked ads to this list of pages.

    In v1.2, I start on Page A, link to Page B, then Page C. When I use Back to return to Page B, Page C is removed from the list, replaced by several ad urls, in fact the Forward button is grayed out as there is no longer an url to go Forward to.

    If I try to Page Back to Page A , it just stays on Page B until it has worked thru all the blocked ad urls – I’ve had as many as five on one page.

    When I finally make it back to Page A, once again there is a list of blocked ad urls and Page B has been removed from the list.

    I didn’t do a lot of experimentation, but I believe the ad urls were only added when the Page Back function was used, not when originally linking to a page, As an ex-software quality control officer I should have done more testing before reverting back to the old version. Sorry.

    Hope this explanation makes sense, and the issue is addressable so you can keep blocked urls from showing up in the back/forward list, as in v1.1

  15. Danny · 2014-08-18 20:22 · #

    Thanks works perfect IE11 :)

  16. taara · 2014-08-30 10:23 · #

    just found out:

    IE Metro -> settings -> privacy -> Add Tracking Protection Lists -> add one -> be happy with metro without commercials

  17. spaniard · 2014-08-30 14:14 · #

    Thanks for the update, it no longer crash as it used to happen with the previous version on IE11

  18. Remy · 2014-09-05 08:12 · #

    Ads by google are back everywhere even if i uncheck the “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” box, now i have to watch a 3 minutes long advert to watch a 1 minute video on youtube thanks to this update… bad, really bad.

  19. LunaB · 2014-09-08 16:08 · #

    Updated to 1.2 and now notice that many sites simply flash by and then “This page can’t be displayed” appears. Where are the previous releases kept?

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