Adblock Plus and (a little) more

Adblock Plus 0.7.5 released · 2007-04-20 18:06 by Wladimir Palant

Note that while Firefox 1.5, Thunderbird 1.5 and SeaMonkey 1.0 are still supported, these applications receive less testing and it is recommended to upgrade to at least Firefox 2.0, Thunderbird 1.5 or SeaMonkey 1.1. Support for older versions will likely be dropped in a few months.


multilingual build
single-language builds
K-Meleon builds

Major changes

  • List of blockable items is displayed at the bottom of the browser window
  • Element hiding improvements: matches are now counted and appear in list of blockable items
  • Subscriptions can now be moved to new locations without inconveniences for users
  • Support for additional blocking features in Firefox and higher
  • Compatibility with K-Meleon 1.1

Known issues

  • Mac OS X: Flash movies might not be displayed properly if “Show tabs on Flash and Java” option is switched on

detailed changelog


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  1. Rob · 2007-04-20 18:24 · #

    I just got the extension update and noticed that the blockable items pane is now below the actual web page. I liked where it was before (on the side) :( Is there any chance you could at least make its position a changeable option in the next release? Please!!!

    Btw, thanks for avery useful extension.


    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    There are two reasons this change has been made:

    1. Addresses require much horizontal space.
    2. Only Firefox and SeaMonkey have a sidebar concept, and even between the two of them it is very different. This change allows the user interface of Adblock Plus to be more consistent throughout applications.

    So I don’t think the old hacks will be recycled. You are free to detach the list and put it wherever you like it of course.

  2. dgod · 2007-04-20 19:14 · #

    I have a filter browser#toolbar(toolbar-menubar)
    to hide the menubar
    It can work at adblockplus 0.7.4

    now it fail, with it I can’t start firefox, if I enable it at runtime, firefox can’t new window.

    Is it a bug of the new version?

    My system if firefox, Linux(Fedora 7)

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Yes, I see it as well, very weird. Hiding other elements of the user interface doesn’t cause issues, I guess Firefox must be doing checks that go wrong in this case. I am looking into this.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    I fixed the problem. Comes out this was a flaw in the abp: protocol implementation (not a new one but it didn’t break anything until now). Unfortunately a bug in Gecko prevents me from fixing this properly but I found a work-around. So next development build/next release should be fine again. Thanks for reporting this issue!

  3. The HavoX · 2007-04-20 20:28 · #

    List of blockable items is displayed at the bottom of the browser window

    Well, I guess this will take some getting used to…
    Would it be possible to bring back the sidebar via Stylish?

    Other than that, great job with the new version.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    I don’t think that you can put it back that easily. Having the list at the bottom was a little strange for me as well but I got used to it pretty soon. The additional horizontal space is really worth it.

  4. Federico Filipponi · 2007-04-20 21:42 · #

    I noticed that certain type of Google ads (AdSense with the graphic “Ads by Google” link below) are not displayed on whitelisted pages.
    The ad frame is not removed but only the aforementioned link remains visible.

    Only if I disable AdBlock Plus altogether the ads are shown as expected.

    I suspect some sort of JavaScript conflict.

    In any case, thanks for this indispensable extension.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    I guess you are using EasyElement subscription, see this forum thread:

  5. Chris Grealy · 2007-04-21 01:22 · #

    How do I uninstall Adblock Plus from Firefox, since it doesn’t block any ads or indeed seem to do anything at all? The FAQs on the Adblock site are completely useless in this respect.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Did you add a filter subscription? See

    As to uninstalling – it works like for any Firefox extension. See

  6. Frantisek · 2007-04-21 15:51 · #

    Hi, where did the option to “sponsor” some sites go? I mean there used to be a list of sites I wished to download ads for, but hide them afterwards – still giving the sites benefit of at least hits on these ads (and associated revenue) but not bothering me with the ads (which I never clicked anyway).

    Thanks Frantisek

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    That was Adblock Plus 0.5. This feature was never taken into Adblock Plus 0.6+, see for example this forum discussion:

  7. müzso · 2007-04-22 11:34 · #

    Thanks for the new release. Adblock Plus is a must have extension for me, spares me a lot of network bandwidth and a lot of annoyances with ads. :-) I’ve been in the IT area for the last two decades and this is one of the few apps that makes me think about a donation. It’s a pity that you don’t accept this kind of support, but I’ll do my best in the other areas that you listed in the “How can I help?” section of the FAQ. Thanks again for making ABP!

  8. Greg · 2007-04-23 04:43 · #

    Many thanks. Adblock Plus is a fantastic extension. Well done and keep up the good work. 0.7.5 seems to work perfectly at both home and uni.

  9. Premier · 2007-04-23 20:38 · #

    Hi Wladimir Palant,

    “Tab display problem of Adblock Plus 0.7.5.”

    I sent an email to you about Tab display problem of Adblock Plus 0.7.5.
    It relates to objtabs.css.
    There is no problem in en-US locale.
    When I correct it, it is beautiful, happy, and I glad.

    Best regards,

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    I didn’t get any mail on this (yet?) but I see what you mean – the tab text displays vertically in the Japanese version. I will see how this can be fixed.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    It is fixed, next development build/next release should be fine again.

  10. mcv · 2007-04-23 21:14 · #

    Hi, thanks for the update. Just want to add that I also preferred the pane on the side than at the bottom. The reason is that some pages contain a lot of items and it was easier to see the item in a long list than having to scroll through a small window. I understand why you did it though, and that I can undock the pane, just letting you know.
    Thanks for an invaluable extension.
    Kind regards,

  11. Neglacio · 2007-04-23 21:19 · #


    Nice update, indeed ;)
    And what about the option to have it on the bottom or on the left side? ;)


  12. Premier · 2007-04-23 21:20 · #

    Hi Wladimir Palant,

    > the tab text displays vertically in the Japanese version.

    That’s right completely!

    > It is fixed, next development build/next release should be fine again.

    It is Beautiful!

  13. MikeA · 2007-04-24 04:30 · #

    It would be nice if the adblock plus toolbar button simply turned ad blocking on/off. I find that I rarely look at the list of blockable items on a page, but I do often want to turn off adblock plus temporarily to see if a funny looking (incorrectly rendered) webpage is due to some sort of adblock issue. (usually it’s not, but i still check).

    Thanks for the great program! These are picky little details.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    It does – you have to middle-click (

  14. MikeA · 2007-04-24 07:11 · #

    ah ha! brilliant! thanks for the tip. i guess i haven’t read the FAQ since i first started using adblock WAY back in the day (long before the “plus” came about). Now I feel like a jerk ;)

  15. mtec007 · 2007-04-24 16:16 · #

    i think that the sidebar docking should be a user specified option not something you just decide to do. i liked it on the side and i dont want it on the bottom. this issue needs to be addressed. it is too much of an inconvinece to not have a simple left/bottom docking option (for that matter, might as well throw in right too).

  16. Ant-B · 2007-04-28 23:50 · #

    Hi Wladimir Palant,

    Another (slight) problem with the removal of the sidebar option is that there is now no menu item to get to the list of blockable items – unless I’m missing something obvious. This is a problem for anyone, like me, who doesn’t/didn’t know what the keyboard shortcut is. ;)

    Still my favourite Firefox Add-on though… keep up the good work.


    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    The menu item is there, see this screenshot.

  17. Ant-B · 2007-04-29 00:11 · #

    > The menu item is there…

    Thanks for super-rapid response. :)

    Ah, I see it’s in the context menu of the Adblock icon. I was looking in the main Firefox menus; I used to be able to get to it from the View —> Sidebars menu.

    I think you should consider making an Adblock Plus sub menu under Tools, where one can open the preferences window or the Blockable Items.

    Just a suggestion.


  18. Looks Great! · 2007-04-29 01:58 · #

    Works Great! No problems here.

  19. Игорь · 2007-05-03 01:34 · #

    Володя, пожалуйста, сделайте опционально размещение адблока в сайдбаре, иначе для всех людей кто хочет юзать адблок в сайдбаре (например у кого “широкое” разрешение дисплея, где как раз востребован сайдбар) – очень неудобно пользоваться лучшим блокиратором рекламы! :) – так как внизу страницы адблок поглощает очень ценный вертикальный размер страницы!
    Сам факт что так много людей обращают внимание на изменение размещения адблока внизу вместо сайдбара указывает на то что размещение в сайдбаре востребованно – хотя-бы как опция. Пожалуйста!

    for Eenglish readers:
    Volodya, please make option to show adblock in the sidebar, otherwise for all people who prefer using sidebar (e.g. who has wide enough display resolution) – it’s very uncomfortable to use the best ad blocking tool at the bottom (as there it takes away very valuable vertical size of the page)
    The fact itself that so many users takes attention to adblock position change, proves that placing adblock in the sidebar is option in demand for many users – at least as an option. Please!

    Thanks for the best ad fighting tool!

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