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We are proud to support the blocking community’s feedback to Chromium’s manifest V3 · 2019-02-20 17:41 by Job Plas

Over the past weeks, there has been an active discussion between developers regarding Chromium’s manifest V3. Much of the discussion focused around the restricting of the webRequestAPI as well as the new declarativeNetrequestAPI. These API’s have the biggest impact on security-, privacy-, ad- and content-blocking extensions.

Many of the world’s most popular extensions worked together on providing constructive feedback on the webRequestAPI, declarativeNetrequestAPI. Find the public document here. Over the following weeks and months to come, the community will actively engage in a conversation with all relevant stakeholders.

We at Adblock Plus hope that any of the upcoming changes will respect a healthy and open web ecosystem that provides the user with agency through extensions. We are positive that such changes can be done while increasing privacy, security and performance.

With Ad Remover, AdBlock, AdGuard, Ghostery, Malwarebytes and EasyList authors (MonztA, Fanboy), Adblock Plus is happy to fully support this initiative.

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