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Get the Most Out of Black Friday Deals with Adblock Plus · 2023-11-24 06:00 by Adblock Plus

For many of our readers, this time of year is filled with holiday celebrations, including online shopping. Start your shopping season by taking advantage of our special offer that gives you more control over your internet experience. We’re excited to share that our Adblock Plus Premium yearly subscription is now available for 50% off!

Regular Price for Premium: $20 for 1 year (or $1.66/month)
Black Friday Price for Premium: Just $10 for 1 year (or $.83/month)

Simply head to our discount page to automatically use the code SAVE50 at checkout. The 50% discount applies to one year of your yearly subscription. After this year, your subscription will renew at the regular price.

Why Adblock Plus Premium?

With Adblock Plus Premium, you can enjoy a more distraction-free web. Adblock Plus Premium blocks more than just ads so that you can browse the web the way you want to. Thanks to our Distraction Control feature, you can block intrusive distractions like floating videos that follow you around, newsletter pop-ups, survey requests, and more. You can also hide those annoying cookie consent pop-ups that appear on most websites. With Premium, we’ll automatically reject any cookies that we can on your behalf, only accepting those that are functional for the website.

Experience Better Online Shopping with Adblock Plus

Why purchase Adblock Plus Premium now? Because with it, you can make the most of online shopping and:
  • Focus on what matters. With Adblock Plus Premium, you can shop and browse the web with fewer distractions. Concentrate on the content you want to see, whether it’s hunting for the best online shopping deals or simply visiting your favorite sites.
  • Avoid some tracking from advertisers. Adblock Plus Premium can block cookie consent pop-ups while automatically rejecting cookies that we can on your behalf. That means you don’t have to see those pesky notices asking you to accept cookies for every site you visit. And you’ll only accept those cookies that are functional to a site, rather than third-party and advertising cookies.
  • Get the hottest deals fast. Adblock Plus gives you faster page load times allowing you to grab those limited time offers and in demand products at lightning speed.

Ready to experience a better internet? Get started today and make the most out of the year’s biggest online shopping season. This deal is available for a limited time November 24, 2023 – December 3, 2023. Subscribe now and save 50%! Head to our discount page to automatically use the promo code SAVE50 at checkout.

And of course, if you have any questions, you’re welcome to reach out to our support team at We’re always here to help!

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  1. Sherrill Jacob · 2023-11-28 16:12 · #

    I am trying to stop my $1.99 pymt each month to you. How do I do this without stopping and changing my Frontier Barclay credit card? Please give me your tele number so I can talk with you about this.

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Sherrill,

    Our support team will be reaching out to you via email to work with you on this. They’re also happy to help with any other questions, and you can always reach them at

    - The Adblock Plus team

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