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Does YouTube Seem Slow with Adblock Plus? · 2024-01-16 17:36 by Adblock Plus

At Adblock Plus, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the browsing experience for our users. This means we make regular updates to our extension to ensure we’re maximizing the number of ads and distractions we block for you. With our latest update published last week, some of our users began to experience a slowdown on YouTube and other sites across the web. This slowdown was due to a bug that caused performance issues for some users, including a lag when watching YouTube videos and browsing other websites.

We released a fix to the newest version of the Adblock Plus extension yesterday. The updated version of Adblock Plus is available in all extension stores. As soon as users update Adblock Plus, any slowdown caused by this bug will be resolved.

For users that have automatic updates turned on (which is the default setting), your extension will automatically update as soon as it can. For those who intentionally have this setting turned off, you can manually update Adblock Plus by visiting the appropriate web store and reinstalling the extension.

We are always on the lookout for bugs and other ways we can improve the ad blocking functionality of our extension. And in this instance, we’re proud of our team coming together and quickly resolving this bug. We appreciate your support as we moved rapidly to fix this issue. Thank you for your understanding!

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, our support team is always happy to help. Check out our Help Desk or feel welcome to shoot us an email at

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  1. Felix · 2024-01-17 09:39 · #

    Thanks for fixing the issue to quickly

  2. Thijs Visser · 2024-01-23 15:55 · #

    Is there a way to block (Adblock) spammail in my outlook mailbox, the outlook spamfilters does not work proprely!

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Thijs,

    The Adblock Plus extension only works in browser and unfortunately, can’t control ads or spam in your email inbox.

  3. Thijs Visser · 2024-01-23 16:03 · #

    I like to help your organisation with a little donation (at annual basis), but a have no Paypal account, so it doesnt work. It will work with Ideal, but i coulnt find it.

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Thijs,

    To pay using iDeal, you will need to make a one-time contribution and be in the Netherlands (or use a VPN and set your location to the Netherlands). Once you enter your mailing code, the option will appear. If you have any other questions, our support team is here to help at

  4. Ant · 2024-01-23 21:33 · #

    I gave up on Adblock Plus because for a long time now they still not been able to unblock YouTube so i no longer donate to them. I still can’t view YouTube and get notification “Ad Blockers violate YouTube’s terms of service”

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Ant,

    Our support team would be glad to help you with this. Just send them an email at

  5. Maria Eames · 2024-01-24 06:31 · #

    I would gladly donate if you can in fact, prevent ads and floaters from appearing while using YouTube’s regular account. In Ant’s previous statement, you replied for her to email your Is this to us how to prevent ads on YouTube we upgrade?
    Also, whatever amount we donate, is this the same amount we will be charged on an annual basis? Thank you.

    Maria Eames

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Maria,

    No – our support team is able to help troubleshoot the issue. Upgrading to Adblock Plus Premium doesn’t give you additional ability to block ads on YouTube.

    With regard to contributions, you can contribute one-time or choose the amount you’d like to contribute on a recurring basis. For more info on contributions, check out this Help article or reach out to support.

    They’re happy to help with your questions at

  6. Michaela Jansen · 2024-01-25 07:55 · #

    Same for me: I gave up on Adblock Plus because for a long time now they still not been able to unblock YouTube. I still can’t view YouTube and get notification “Ad Blockers violate YouTube’s terms of service”

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Michaela,

    Our support team can troubleshoot this with you at

  7. Stephen · 2024-01-25 19:58 · #

    I’m using ABP on firefox, I’ve got the latest update but still have the extreme slowdown on Youtube. Video overlay and UI are very slow and unchanged since pre-update

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Stephen,

    Feel welcome to reach out to our support team so that they can troubleshoot this with you at

  8. Med · 2024-01-26 19:56 · #

    @Thijs Visser: Report spam at

  9. Niconnexion · 2024-01-26 20:48 · #

    Il est vrai qu’il y a eu une petite période désagréable sur YouTube (perso je voyais une demi-seconde de pub au début de chaque vidéos avant de pouvoir la visionner, et puis parfois je ne pouvais pas mettre en plein écran, ou bien le lecteur se positionnait n’importe comment sur la page et j’avais de gros lags ) J’ai tout de même pu bénéficié du blocage. Ce qui est étrange c’est que mon frère, qui à exactement la même config, le même navigateur, la même version de navigateur et de AdBlockPlus que moi était obligé de désactiver l’extension pour accéder à YouTube… Problème résolu depuis. Merci pour vos services.

    Reply from Adblock Plus:

    Hi Niconnexion,

    You can reach out to our support team so that they can troubleshoot this with you at

  10. JEFERSON NASCIMENTO DEARAUJO · 2024-01-30 01:17 · #


  11. SilichipX · 2024-02-10 15:48 · #

    Adblocker+ still doesn’t fix the Youtube issue; instead, I use AdGuard Extra extension.

  12. Jc · 2024-02-13 22:43 · #

    Youtube kinda slow using Microsoft EDGE 121.0.2277.112 (Official build) (64-bit) / ADBlock P. Version number 3.24 / Win 10 / 22H2

  13. MKDAWUSS · 2024-02-19 04:17 · #

    Just the other day I saw the return of YouTube’s Adblock block. It’s been quite sporadic – sometimes it works other times I get the blocked notification. I haven’t noticed any slowdowns from it – my slowdowns sometimes come from other PC-intensive activities.

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