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Adblock Plus and Element Hiding Helper issues in current Firefox nightlies · 2010-10-18 12:01 by Wladimir Palant

A few days ago an important and much anticipated change landed in the Firefox nightlies: JavaScript compartments. In theory, this should improve performance and security without having any side-effects whatsoever. This is a very radical change to the JavaScript engine architecture however and it caused a number of regressions of course. Some of them affect Adblock Plus and Element Hiding Helper extensions, I better list them before more bug reports are filed against Adblock Plus. Right now you can only hit these issues if you are using the latest Firefox nightly builds (2010-10-14 and newer), not Firefox 4 Beta 6 however. I hope that the most critical issues will be resolved before Firefox 4 Beta 7.

  • Flash videos are broken on some websites if Adblock Plus is installed — this is bug 604420, it affects a number of extensions. To be precise: any extension that uses the content polices mechanism (meaning also NoScript, GreaseMonkey, Google Toolbar, IE Tab etc.). Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it on my side. If you are affected by this bug you only have the choice between disabling Adblock Plus in the Add-on Manager and going back to an older Firefox nightly (2010-10-13 and before will work). Update: The bug has been fixed, nightly build 2010-10-23 and later will work fine.
  • User interface of Adblock Plus 1.2.2 is completely broken — this is bug 604346. This issue doesn’t affect Adblock Plus 1.3a so the work-around here is simple: install the latest Adblock Plus development build, this will do until it is resolved.
  • When you select something in the list of blockable items, the corresponding page element will no longer be scrolled into view. This is caused by a bad assumption in Adblock Plus, fixed in the latest Adblock Plus development build.
  • Element Hiding Helper will no longer show a border around the selected element — this is bug 604736. The latest Element Hiding Helper development build uses a different approach which is not affected by this issue, you can install it until Element Hiding Helper 1.1 is released (in approximately two weeks).

Update (2010-10-21): It looks like Adblock Plus 1.2.2 will be pretty unusable in Firefox 4 Beta 7. So I changed compatibility info, Adblock Plus 1.2.2 no longer claims to be compatible with it. A flood of requests to make Adblock Plus compatible with the latest Beta should be easier to deal with than a flood of complains about things being broken.


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