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Adblock Plus 3.8 for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge · 2020-02-19 14:00 by Thomas Greiner

Install Adblock Plus 3.8 for Chrome
Install Adblock Plus 3.8 for Firefox
Install Adblock Plus 3.8 for Microsoft Edge

This release introduces the ability to disable Adblock Plus on individual web pages which used to only be possible to do across entire websites. It also makes various improvements for snippet filters.

User interface changes

  • Icon popup: Added ability to whitelist individual pages (ui#499).
  • Settings page
  • Issue reporter: Added link for reporting other issues (ui#424).
  • Removed notification for recommending filter list that hides offending messages (webext#99, core#97).
  • Updated extension description (ui#597).
  • Fixed: Don’t focus first-run page when shown due to data corruption (webext#110).
  • Fixed: Keep number of blocked requests in icon popup updated while it’s open (ui#634, webext#95).

Filter changes

  • Snippet changes
    • Added TensorFlow.js and a first ML-based snippet ml-hide-if-graph-matches (core#25, core#98, webext#104).
    • Provided a debug flag to any snippet (core#71).
    • Added relevant debugging info to abort-on-property-read/write (core#101).
    • Fixed: Avoid global scope conflicts and rewrites (core#86).


Comment [3]

  1. Anon · 2020-02-25 05:11 · #

    Does it roll XP/Opera 36 users back to the last verion that worked for us? I’m stuck in limbo at the moment on 3.7 which blocks ads but doesn’t let me access the controls.

    Reply from Thomas Greiner:

    We stopped supporting Opera 36 with the release of Adblock Plus 3.7 and we updated the extension’s manifest file according to Opera’s instructions (see Therefore Opera shouldn’t have updated the extension beyond 3.6.3 for anyone who’s stuck on Windows XP.

    It sounds like they did, however, so we’ll look into what happened there. In the meantime, you can find and download all previous updates from Search for “adblockpluschrome” to find the extension files for modern Opera.

  2. Richard Dobensky · 2020-02-29 04:16 · #

    How do I back off from Adblock so it doesn’t block as much as it does.Some items that I would like to view are getting blocked when I click on it.A red page pops up and covers the page.I would like to stop it from popping up.Please let me know how to take care of this now.

    Reply from Thomas Greiner:

    If you’re using Firefox, there is a problem where some user’s settings aren’t being saved, making the extension think that it has been newly installed each time the browser starts.

    Unfortunately, this issue needs to be fixed by Firefox but some users are able to avoid it by reinstalling Adblock Plus. You can find more information about it at

  3. Anon · 2020-03-03 20:42 · #

    Thankyou for the reply Thomas. Just to add, I’ve just been auto-updated again to version 3.8.1.

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