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Adblock Plus 3.7 for Chrome, Firefox and Opera · 2019-10-22 20:00 by Andrea Giammarchi

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This release includes various improvements for the settings page and the extension popup. It also drops support for legacy browsers such as Chrome 51 or Opera 38 and below, plus it fixes notifications for Opera browser.

Overall improvements

  • Settings page
    • Improved filters list management (ui#438).
    • It is now possible to rate our extension (ui#370).
    • Added link to help center (ui#276).
    • Users can now provide feedback to us on Acceptable Ads when they opt-out (ui#375).
    • Added button to the settings page to select from a list of recommended filter lists (ui#129).
  • Popup
    • Enabling/disabling ad blocking on a website can now be undone without having to close the icon popup or refresh the page (ui#3).
    • Notifications can now bring you directly to the settings page (webext#34).
  • Issue reporter
    • Added option for attaching further information to issue reports (ui#152).
  • Other improvements
    • Added new page to show new users what else they can do with Adblock Plus (ui#378).
    • Optimized existing font and added fonts for Arabic and Thai languages (ui#115).

Other changes

Opera-only changes

  • Fixed: Links in notifications did not work on Opera (webext#60).


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  1. Killhippie · 2019-11-17 12:13 · #

    I keep getting a ‘1’ appear on the ABP icon in Firefox with 3.7, I have useful notifications and number of ads blocked unticked so I don’t know why that keeps happening. Its annoying, any chance this will get fixed? OS is macOS 10.15.1 on Firefox 70.0.1

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