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Adblock Plus 3.6.2 for Chrome, Firefox and Opera · 2019-08-09 01:00 by Hubert Figuière

Install Adblock Plus 3.6.2 for Chrome
Install Adblock Plus 3.6.2 for Firefox
Install Adblock Plus 3.6.2 for Opera


  • Added the snippet hide-if-contains-image-hash (issue 7187).
  • Fixed: The snippet abort-on-property-read couldn’t be used on DOM APIs (core#41).


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  1. Oz · 2019-08-21 21:23 · #


    What about Safari and iOS?

    Any plans to add options for multiple filters like EasyList and EasyPrivacy?

    I am with ABP for a long time and I don’t want to switch to other software that have these options (Adguard, Wipr…)


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