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Adblock Plus 3.5.1 for Chrome, Firefox and Opera released · 2019-04-04 01:00 by Andrea Giammarchi

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  • Added strip-fetch-query-parameter snippet to exclude undesired query string parameters from fetch operations (issue 7294).
  • The abort-current-inline-script snippet now works with properties that are functions (issue 7356).
  • The abort-on-property-read, abort-on-property-write and abort-current-inline-script snippets now work with sub-properties (issue 7236).
  • Fixed whitelisting of content within <iframe srcdoc> elements (issue 7305).


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  1. mapx · 2019-04-04 08:57 · #

    2 words about strip-fetch-query-parameter snippet ? examples ? explanation on what is doing ? the issue 7294 is confidential.

    Reply from Hubert Figuière:

    The issue is public now.

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