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Adblock Plus 3.3 for Chrome, Firefox and Opera released · 2018-08-28 15:00 by Manish Jethani

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This release features our own anti-circumvention filter list. It also includes a new experimental feature called “Snippets,” which lets us deploy specialized scripts selectively on one or more domains. We have also taken steps to reduce memory usage and further improve the performance of element hiding emulation.


  • Added the new ABP anti-circumvention filter list (issues 6689, 6699 and 6731).
  • Added basic support for snippets (issues 6781 and 6782).
  • The $rewrite filter option now accepts a blank value (issue 6787).
  • Trailing dots in domain names are now always ignored (issue 6690).
  • Element hiding emulation now correctly qualifies compound selectors in the document’s style sheet (issue 6619).
  • The :-abp-properties() pseudo-class now responds correctly to dynamic DOM updates (issue 6680).
  • The $elemhide whitelisting filter option now works for documents with an unknown parent frame (issue 6808).
  • Fixed the rendering of SVG icons on the options page for mobile (issue 6866).
  • Reduced the initial memory footprint by ~8% (issues 6727 and 6735).
  • Further improved the performance of element hiding emulation (issue 6437).
  • Fixed a compatibility issue on Chrome 49 (issue 6823).


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  1. Carl · 2018-09-24 19:54 · #

    Hello, with the newly implemented anti-circumvention filter list added, is it be redundant to also have the adblock warning removal list subscription?

    Thank you

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