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Adblock Plus 3.25 for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera · 2024-03-01 13:12 by Thomas Greiner

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This release includes various bug fixes ahead of the upcoming transition to Manifest v3, as well as additional functionality for existing snippets. It also resumes support for Firefox, bringing the changes from Adblock Plus 3.24 to Firefox users.

User interface changes

  • Extended in-product messaging to allow usage of subdomains (abp#1485).
  • Fixed: Developer tools panel displayed content filters as type OTHER (abp#1626).

Filter changes

Upgraded @eyeo/webext-ad-filtering-solution to 1.2.4 (release notes), which includes the following changes:

  • Various fixes for upcoming transition to Manifest v3.

Snippets changes

Upgraded to @eyeo/snippets 1.2.1 (release notes: 1.1.0, 1.2.0, 1.2.1), which includes the following changes:

  • Added support for ^^sh^^ and ^^svg^^ CSS selectors to various snippets.
  • Added telemetry for machine learning snippets.

Firefox-specific changes

  • Disabled data collection for all Firefox users while we’re working on an opt-out experience that complies with Mozilla’s requirements (abp#1621).


Comment [2]

  1. bruce · 2024-03-05 17:45 · #

    Mozilla addons site does not show version 3.25 for Firefox
    As such it can not be updated .. Please get this resolved with
    the people at Mozilla … This is on Firefox 123.01 .. Thank you

    Reply from Thomas Greiner:

    It usually takes a few days for a new version to get reviewed by the various extension stores. As soon that it passes their review, you should be getting the update soon after.

  2. Oz · 2024-04-01 15:16 · #

    Any chance to see this version of ABP imported to Safari macOS?

    Reply from Thomas Greiner:

    Adblock Plus for Safari is based on different code and is being developed separately from the Adblock Plus web extension.

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