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Adblock Plus 3.24 for Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera · 2024-02-02 14:54 by Thomas Greiner

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Note: This release was initially also intended for Firefox but was rejected by Mozilla’s extension review. Therefore we’re unable to bring this version to Firefox users yet, but we are working on addressing their concerns to bring future updates to Firefox users again soon.

This release includes various improvements to the out-of-the-box ad-filtering experience and it enhances the Premium cookie wall blocking feature.

User interface changes

  • Extended in-product messaging to allow for more targeted messages (ui#1424, ui#1577, ui#1597).
  • Made Premium cookie wall blocking feature more capable and versatile (ui#1464, ui#1591).
  • Added global filter list recommendation for various languages for which there is no language-specific filter list recommendation yet (ui#1495).
  • Added filter list recommendations for Hungarian (ui#1554).

Filter changes

Upgraded EWE to 1.2.3 (release notes), which includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: $document filter option was ineffective for frames (ui#1586).



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