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Adblock Plus 3.14.1 for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera · 2022-07-04 14:04 by Thomas Greiner

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Snippet changes

Upgraded abp-snippets to 0.4.1 (update notes), which includes the following changes:

  • Improved support and performance for running multiple snippets on the same page.
  • Added race snippet directive for running only some of a given list of snippets.
    e.g.$#race start; snippet 1 2 3; other 4 5 6; another 7 8 9; race stop;
  • Added case insensitive matching support for snippet parameters.
    e.g. #$#snippet /test/ can now be #$#snippet /test/i
  • Changed hide-if-contains-visible-text to ignore elements offset from user visible areas.
  • Changed hide-if-contains-visible-text to support specifying an optional attribute array for CSS attributes that should be interpreted as hiding an element.
  • Fixed: hide-if-shadow-contains did not always use the expected target.
  • Fixed: hide-if-graph-matches did not work properly on Chromium.


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  1. Name · 2022-07-27 17:45 · #

    Does it work now in private tabs?

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