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Adblock Plus 3.12 for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera · 2022-01-11 17:41 by Thomas Greiner

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This release contains some general user interface improvements and introduces a feature that notifies users who frequently visit websites in other languages, if they don’t have the necessary filter list installed to block ads on those sites. It also provides them with the option to add that filter list, so that Adblock Plus can block ads specifically for websites with that language.

User interface changes

  • Added language filter list recommendations (ui#9, ui#967, ui#1062).
  • Added an error message that’s shown when a filter list contains disabled filters, and which allows reenabling them (ui#210).
  • Made custom filter error messages more descriptive (ui#228).
  • Added more topics to the icon popup footer (ui#716).
  • Updated our terminology to use “allowlist”/“blocklist” instead of “whitelist”/“blacklist” (ui#827) and made various other wording adjustments (ui#183, ui#696).
  • Removed NEW label from “Recommended filter lists” section (ui#915).
  • Fixed: Settings page did not reflect filter state changes that occurred elsewhere (ui#866).
  • Fixed: Overflowing custom filter error messages (ui#946).
  • Fixed: Missing ARIA labels for settings page tabs (ui#954).

Filter changes

  • Added to list of trusted websites that are allowed to use subscribe links (ui#911).

Microsoft Edge-specific changes

  • Fixed: “Rate it” button on updates page opens Chrome Web Store (ui#895).


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  1. EP · 2022-02-02 01:16 · #

    it’s now the beginning of February 2022 and Mozilla still doesn’t have the Adblock Plus 3.12 version for Firefox on the Firefox addons page. what’s the hold up?

    Reply from Thomas Greiner:

    Due to Mozilla’s latest extension policy changes, which contained some new requirements that are difficult to interpret and would require quite some immediate adjustment to the extension, we had to have a thorough look over them, before we could publish any new version of Adblock Plus to Firefox users.

    At this point, version 3.12 is available on all stores. Sorry about the inconvenience due to the long wait.

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