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Adblock Plus 3.11 for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera · 2021-05-19 17:19 by Thomas Greiner

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This release adds an easy way to block cookie warnings and push notifications. For advanced users, it also introduces the ability to block requests based on their headers as well as an option for debugging element hiding filters.

Note that the extension is no longer sending GET requests to check for updates for disabled filter lists. Instead, it is sending HEAD requests to save bandwidth while they’re not in use.

User interface changes

  • Added new filter list recommendations for blocking cookie warnings and push notifications (ui#701, core#248).
  • Added checkbox for enabling debug element hiding filters mode (ui#608).
  • Refreshed Adblock Plus logo color (ui#819).
  • Ignore private tabs when counting blocked requests (ui#851, ui#899).
  • Hide issue reporter and share buttons for private tabs (ui#870, ui#886).

Filter changes

Upgraded adblockpluscore to 0.3.0 (release notes), which includes the following changes:

Chromium-specific changes

Firefox-specific changes

  • Improved compatibility with Firefox Android 79+ (ui#868).


Comment [2]

  1. Adblock Plus User · 2021-05-30 21:45 · #

    Hello ABP and thank you for Version 3.11. I have an older ABP on my Firefox 78ESR. When I go to mozilla add-ons, it says “REMOVE” as the button to press. Do I have to remove ABP and then reinstall the newer one? Can’t I just have it download and install on top of the older ABP? If I must remove it, will it hold my subscriptions, or will it be a clean new install?? Please advise. Thank you.

    Reply from Thomas Greiner:

    Firefox should update your Adblock Plus installation to 3.11 automatically in the background. If it doesn’t do that and you’re stuck on an old version of Adblock Plus, please check that you have extension auto-updating enabled.

  2. Adblock Plus User · 2021-05-31 00:01 · #

    Hello, In the past I suggested some improvements and these were #816 & #817. Is there a new key combination to immediately update the subscriptions like in the older ABP 2.x (816)? Also, when one hovers over the Heart Button, there is still not information of what it is for (817). Thank you.

    Reply from Thomas Greiner:

    We’re considering those feature requests alongside all the other ones. If there’s any urgency or if you see those features being useful to a significant amount of Adblock Plus users, please add some more information to and so that we can prioritize them accordingly.

    We’re also happy to accept code contributions if you or someone else would like to implement them.

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