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Adblock Plus 3.10 for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera · 2020-11-17 14:36 by Thomas Greiner

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This release includes various improvements to the “Block element” feature, adds ad blocking support for more languages and restricts the ability to subscribe to filter lists to some trusted websites. It also drops support for some old browser versions, namely Chromium 59 and Firefox 51.

User interface changes

  • Redesigned “Block element” dialog and added ability to preview blocked elements (ui#638, ui#761).
  • Open a web-based version of the first-run page upon installation (ui#833).
  • Updated design of buttons in icon popup (ui#472).
  • Updated design of rating button in settings page (ui#706).
  • Added donation button to settings page and first-run page (ui#769, ui#818).
  • Removed Weibo link from settings page (ui#670).
  • Allow Chinese users to share number of blocked items on Weibo (ui#642).
  • Fixed: Cannot add new filter list by pressing Enter key (ui#548).
  • Fixed: Hide counters in icon popup when for non-web pages (ui#810).
  • Fixed: Hide “Block element” button in icon popup for web pages in allowlist (ui#806).
  • Fixed: Settings page layout broke when displaying lengthy language names (ui#793).

Filter changes

  • Snippet changes
    • Removed readd snippet (core#179).
    • Protected freeze-element snippet from outside interference (core#260).
  • Restricted subscribe links to trusted websites (webext#87, webext#263).
  • Recommend Dandelion Sprout’s Nordic Filters filter list for Nordic languages (core#233, ui#841).
  • Recommend IndianList filter list for some additional languages (core#245, ui#841).
  • Fixed: Preinstalled incorrect language filter list if no suitable one was found (webext#271).

Other changes

Chromium-specific changes

  • Dropped support for Chromium 59 and below (webext#266).
    This includes Chrome 59 and Opera 46.
  • Fixed: Tabs opened by user were treated as popups (webext#272).

Firefox-specific changes

  • Dropped support for Firefox 51 (webext#143).
  • Fixed: Scrolling through custom filters was slow (ui#487).
  • Fixed: Firefox freezes when using element hiding debug mode (core#220, webext#209).
  • Fixed: Frames are not being collapsed (webext#90).

Opera-specific changes

  • Fixed: Cannot close “Block element” dialog (ui#791).


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