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Adblock Plus 3.0.2 for Firefox released · 2017-12-12 10:42 by Dave Vandyke

Install Adblock Plus 3.0.2 for Firefox

This release features a number of bug fixes, some of which work around limitations of Firefox’s new Web Extensions API. Additionally, there are some minor improvements to the options page, aiming to address some of the feedback from both our users and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


  • Fixed the “Block element” tool for Windows users (issues 6053 and 5817, corresponding to Firefox bugs 1418394 and 1418655 respectively).
  • Fixed blocking of WebRTC connections on websites using CSP security mechanism, works in Firefox 58 and higher now (issue 5953, Firefox bug 1406278).
  • Made sure that filter list downloads and other requests performed by the extension cannot be blocked (issue 6010).
  • Fixed subscription link handling for Windows users (issue 5965).
  • Fixed a bug which caused the mobile options page to be zoomed incorrectly (issue 6046).
  • Fixed a bug which caused the desktop popup window to open instead of the mobile options page with Firefox 57 for Android and higher (issue 5977).
  • Improved our Developer Tools panel, fixing a bug which prevented viewing the requested resource (issue 6035) and improving the quality of the icon (issue 6036).
  • Improved the layout of the options page (issue 5872), fixed the page title (issue 5972) and added a warning for users who subscribe to both the Easy Privacy and Acceptable Ads filter lists (issue 6031).
  • Firefox 50 is no longer supported, the options page is essentially broken there without a way to fix it (issue 5971, Firefox bug 1209869).

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  1. aname · 2017-12-13 21:56 · #


    Did something change in ABP effectiveness with this version? I am seeing things allowed on various sites that have previously been blocked immediately after it upgraded to this version.

    Just as one example, now seeing Youtube sponsored ads which shows as coming from various

    Noscript also is now listing a forbid blob: option on those pages when it didn’t before this version like something new is coming through. It was obvious immediately as the new things were viewable (literally on a familiar page when it happened and the page refreshed and saw something previously blocked that wasn’t.. in that case a connect to FB login icon), I saw the new forbid blob: option in NoScript and noticed that ABP had updated minutes before. So some things seem to no longer get blocked that did before ABP 3.0.2.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    Reply from Dave Vandyke:

    Hmm interesting, please could you file an issue in our issue tracker? Include concrete steps to reproduce and details of your environment such as Firefox version and filters + filter subscriptions. Cc me (kzar) and I’ll try and help track down what’s happening.

    Cheers, Dave.

  2. aname · 2018-01-02 23:16 · #

    Sponsored ads not blocked. Can not create ticket at says

    Error: Forbidden

    TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this operation. You don’t have the required permissions.

    If someone could pass along the unblocked ads above to someone that understands how to block them it would be appreciated.

    Reply from Dave Vandyke:

    You have to first register an account on our issue tracker, then you should have permission to create the issue. Sorry, I know it’s a bit of a faff.

    Thanks, Dave.

  3. Niraj Kolkata · 2018-01-21 18:35 · #

    I have already installed an Adblock in Firefox but it does not show content of certain websites but it does not show content even after disabling the Adblock and then using google chrome to avoid it.

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