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Adblock Plus 2.7 for Firefox released · 2015-12-15 12:42 by Wladimir Palant

Install Adblock Plus 2.7 for Firefox

This release addresses most of the issues affecting Adblock Plus in the latest Firefox pre-release builds, particularly when multi-process mode is enabled in Firefox settings. While Adblock Plus was mostly working in multi-process mode before, it was also very slow — this is not a user experience we want our users to have when Mozilla starts rolling out multi-process mode to Firefox Beta users today. In order to support multiple processes properly we had to implement massive changes to the core functionality of Adblock Plus. These changes should have almost no visible effect other than improved performance however.

Visible changes

  • If pop-ups are blocked after the redirect, the pop-up window will actually be closed and not merely prevented from loading (issue 443).
  • The diagnostic page under chrome://adblockplus/content/errors.html has been removed, it was of very limited use (issue 3357).

Known issues

  • Element hiding functionality isn’t working on Mac OS X when multi-process mode is enabled (bug 1187099). Given the lack of progress on Mozilla’s side, we will have to come up with some work-around later on.
  • Issue reporter doesn’t create screenshots when multi-process mode is enabled (issue 3375). To be addressed in the next release.
  • “Unsafe CPOW usage” warnings will still show up in Error Console sometimes when multi-process mode is enabled, most prominently when using the list of blockable items (issue 3407). To be addressed in the next release.
  • Selection in the list of blockable items isn’t remembered reliably when multi-process mode is enabled (issue 3259). To be addressed in the next release.


Comment [3]

  1. redwolfe_98 · 2015-12-17 03:13 · #

    ABP 2.7 is not downloading when i try to download it.. instead, it is an old 2.6.x version..

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Thank you for letting us know. There is some issue with the API, it is still claiming that 2.6.13 is the latest version. I’ll report this, in the meantime you can install from directly.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    AMO resolved the issue, it is working correctly now.

  2. Jeff · 2015-12-25 18:16 · #

    When I updated to Firefox 43, it messed up the Dailymotion uploads giving an error, People who had not updated were having no problems so I tried another browser and it worked, so I took my Computer back to the time before the upload back to 42 and I lost AD Blocker Plus

    Now every time I try to download it (and some other Blockers) it starts the downloads where the bar is all green and it says a few second remaining and it never goes past that. The INSTALL button never gets lighted up so you can click it. I tried to link you gave Wladimir and it was the same issue

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    This sounds like strange network issues. Just in case, I would still try to reset Firefox ( – maybe your Firefox profile is corrupted. In that case it would likely be the reason for your Dailymotion issues and not the Firefox upgrade.

  3. adave · 2016-01-09 04:34 · #

    Every time I turn on Firefox it give me message to add adblock plus. It does not remember that I have already installed this add-on.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Firefox doesn’t show any such messages. Could you quote the exact text of the message please?

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