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Adblock Plus 2.0.6 for Safari released · 2019-05-13 15:02 by Dean Murphy

Install Adblock Plus for Safari 2.0.6

In this update we have updated the filter lists.


  • Updated filter lists


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  1. A User · 2019-06-10 14:16 · #

    It’s been about nine months since the release of the Mac App Store version using Content Blocker. Still no support for custom lists which means still no Anti-Adblock-Killer support. So many web sites are now deploying AK tech that Adblock Plus is essentially becoming useless as it needs to be whitelisted everywhere to use the web. You’ve been talking about custom list functionality coming soon since the initial release, what is the timeline (if ever)?

    Reply from Dean Murphy:

    We are exploring all options to bring back existing functionality of the legacy extension, where they make sense within the limitations of the new Content Blocking API that Apple provides. While we don’t have a time frame for that specific feature, it is something we would like to rethink and eventually include.

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