Adblock Plus and (a little) more

Adblock Plus 1.9 for Chrome, Opera and Safari released · 2015-06-16 14:30 by Sebastian Noack

Install Adblock Plus 1.9 for Chrome
Install Adblock Plus 1.9 for Opera
Install Adblock Plus 1.9 for Safari (Safari 6 or higher required)


  • Fixed: Placeholders weren’t hidden for elements that were blocked by an URL given in the srcset attribute (issue 2634).
  • Exception rules with protocol don’t imply the $document flag anymore (issue 2503).
  • Changed the label for the share buttons to reflect the functionality more accurately (issue 2202).
  • Implemented an alternative format for subscription links (issue 2212).
  • Fixed some issues with the “Block element” dialog:
    • Fixed some issues with element highlighting (issue 2077, issue 2209).
    • Fixed some issues with dragging the dialog (issue 2100, issue 2173, issue 2194).
    • Fixed issues with how the context menu interacted with other parts of the user interface (issue 2279, issue 2298).
    • The page no longer freezes when selecting an element that would result in a lot of other elements being blocked as well (issue 2215).
  • Performance improvements:
    • Mitigated the effect of slow request blocking filters (issue 2177).
    • Determine whether a page or frame is whitelisted more efficiently by only matching exception rules (issue 2132).
    • Moved code not crucial to blocking requests out of the critical path, decreasing load times (issue 2505).

Chrome/Opera-only changes

  • Changed the way Adblock Plus stores persistent data such as setting and filter lists, replacing localStorage and the deprecated FileSystem API with (issue 2021, issue 2040).
  • Run content scripts in anonymous frames again, in order to block ads more reliably (issue 2216, issue 2217).
  • Worked around a Chromium bug that caused corruption of the page layout when using the feedback dialog on Google Mail and other Google websites (issue 2602).
    Fixed element hiding filters using CSS selectors with commas inside quoted text (issue 2467).
  • Don’t assume Chromium-specific user agent string, fixing issues when using --user-agent switch, or running on a different platform (issue 2537).
  • Performance improvements:
    • Flush caches after filter changes only when absolutely necessary and respect the browser’s quotas (issue 2034, issue 2297).
    • Improved the performance of CSS selector injection, slightly decreasing page load time, in particular on pages with many frames and/or many active element hiding filters (issue 2528).
    • Avoid calling into JavaScript when processing headers when loading other resources than documents and frames (issue 2538).
    • Got rid of some try..catch statements which prevent functions from being optimized (issue 2658, issue 2569).
    • Avoid iteration over a hash-table which prevents functions from being optimized, slightly improving performance of element hiding filter matching (issue 2582).

Chrome-only changes

Opera-only changes

  • Fixed: Spanish translation wasn’t being used (issue 2665).

Safari-only changes

  • Restored compatibility with Safari 6 (issue 2172).



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