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Adblock Plus 1.8.9 for Chrome, Opera and Safari released · 2015-01-06 20:00 by Sebastian Noack

Install Adblock Plus 1.8.9 for Chrome
Install Adblock Plus 1.8.9 for Opera
Install Adblock Plus 1.8.9 for Safari (Safari 6 or higher required)


  • Worked around some circumvention attempts.
  • Fixed: Extension pages didn’t respect direction of right-to-left languages (issue 1668).
  • Fixed an issue when generating filters based on the style attribute (issue 1658).
  • Fixed an issue where “Block element” from the context menu didn’t work or in an inferior way than from the popup (issue 1611).
  • When blocking elements suggest filters based on all URLs associated with the element (issue 1601).
  • Removed ‘Hide placeholders of blocked elements’ option from the user interface (issue 1671).
  • Updated the extension description (issue 1643).

Chrome/Opera-only changes

  • Worked around a Chrome bug that caused placeholders for blocked elements to show up on some pages (issue 1703).

Safari-only changes

  • Fixed: <input type=image> elements were not recognized as images (issue 1644).
  • Fixed: Spanish (Spain) translations were used instead of Spanish (Latin America) (issue 1666).
  • Fixed: Popup did not respond when multiple tabs were opened simultaneously (issue 1694).


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  1. Sheldon · 2015-02-04 15:18 · #

    One of the web sites I frequent on Safari,, has been destroyed. I see all of the links to other pages which used to appear as a column on the right side, but now appear as a column on the left. I cannot get the articles themselves; they’ve disappeared. It’s as though everything has been squeezed to the left pushing the articles off the web site.

    All this occurred as I was customizing AdBlock.

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