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Adblock Plus 1.12.2 for Chrome, Opera and Safari released · 2016-08-23 17:51 by Dave Vandyke

Install Adblock Plus 1.12.2 for Chrome
Install Adblock Plus 1.12.2 for Opera
Install Adblock Plus 1.12.2 for Safari (Safari 6 or higher required)

This is a minor release, focused on stability and preventing circumvention.


  • Prevent websites from abusing WebSockets to serve adverts (issue 1727).

Chrome/Opera-only changes

  • Improved Element Hiding protections against circumvention (issue 4191, 4298).
  • Fixed a bug that caused content in anonymous frames to be blocked even when the parent frame was whitelisted (issue 4150).
  • Worked around an issue with MutationObservers which caused older versions of Chrome and Opera to hang for some websites (issue 4101).
  • Added more versions of our icons that look sharper with the new Material Design (issue 4218).
  • Removed an outdated workaround that caused some whitelisted elements to be hidden in anonymous frames (issue 4210).

Safari-only changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the options page to be sometimes opened multiple times when the experimental Content Blocking feature was enabled (issue 4199).
  • Improved the conversion from Adblock Plus filters to Content Blocking rules for the experimental Content Blocking feature, making sure to block/whitelist all subdomains for filters starting with || (issue 4326).
  • Fixed a typo that broke key-based whitelisting (issue 4300).


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  1. Travis · 2016-08-30 06:44 · #

    Tried downloading the latest update 1.12.2 for safari but when I go to install, it just says “an error occurred while trying to install” Is your safari package corrupt? I’ve tried a couple of times

    Reply from Dave Vandyke:

    Hi Travis,

    You will need to uninstall Adblock Plus for Safari, and then try again to install the latest version.

    That error is displayed when you’ve installed the extension from the Safari Extension Gallery in the past and then try to install the latest version from our website. It’s due to the fact that Apple use a different certificate to sign the extension from us, and unfortunately there’s not much we can do to prevent it from happening.

    Hope that helps, Dave.

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