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Adblock Plus 1.10 for Chrome, Opera and Safari released · 2016-01-05 13:44 by Dave Vandyke

Install Adblock Plus 1.10 for Chrome
Install Adblock Plus 1.10 for Opera
Install Adblock Plus 1.10 for Safari (Safari 6 or higher required)

This update adds the new CSS property filter syntax which should give filter list authors an additional tool against the circumvention of Adblock Plus. We have also created a page which will be shown when Adblock Plus is uninstalled. We are hoping to gain insight into the overall user experience and what we can improve.


  • Added support for the new CSS property filter syntax (issue 2397).
  • Improved how the first run page looks on smaller screens (issue 1292).

Chrome/Opera-only changes

Safari-only changes

  • Avoid matching web requests with the type OTHER when using the $font filter option (issue 3454).


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  1. Isroel Barenboim · 2016-01-06 06:02 · #

    Hey, this version is extremely buggy.
    I use Debian Wheezy + Chromium and today I got confused when I saw ads on the site that I often visit. Also, I noticed, that counter icon stopped working at all. Strange, but on some websites ads are still blocked (but the counter doesn’t work, though). At first, I shited bricks and thought that my OS / router had been compromised. Thanks to the second machine with the same environment, I checked there, everything was fine (and the counter worked). WTH? At last I saw, that the second machine hadn’t received 1.10 update. Having updated it as well, I saw that ads weren’t blocked there too.
    Moreover, I visited my own website and tried to perform a manual block of my photo. I added “||” filter and re-opened the page in a new tab. The filter didn’t run.
    Hence, it’s obvious, that filtering mechanism stopped working in 1.10 release. Any ideas?

    Reply from Dave Vandyke:

    Hi Isroel,

    Thanks for your feedback, I’m sorry things aren’t working for you.

    I am not able to reproduce the problem as described, ads are blocked as expected on the websites I’ve tried. It’s also worth noting that the counter will only count blocked requests, not hidden elements – in other words it is expected that some adverts will be removed but not counted.

    If you are still having trouble this version please could you file an issue in our issue tracker ? We will need more details, for example which filter lists are active and which adverts on which websites are not being blocked as expected?

    Thanks, Dave.

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