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Web Extensions builds are now the official Adblock Plus for Firefox development builds · 2017-08-24 13:43 by Wladimir Palant

A while ago we announced our plan to migrate to the Web Extensions platform. With the current Firefox nightly builds being incompatible to classic add-ons already, we need to move a bit prematurely. So starting with Adblock Plus development build, our development builds will be using the Web Extensions platform. If you are on Firefox 57, make sure to install the latest Adblock Plus development build and it will be working again.

There are some drawbacks here. Most notably, the user interface will be more limited than what you are used to. The work improving the options page is almost done and should land soon, other parts of the user interface will follow. Still, disabling individual filters won’t be back for a while, which is why we are re-enabling any filters you might have disabled in subscriptions. Disabled custom filters will be automatically replaced by comments. We also remove any automatic backups (not the manual backups) you might have, these degrade Firefox performance and currently cannot be recovered anyway.

The other important drawback is very limited Android support. There is ongoing work both on our and Mozilla’s side here, so things should improve very soon.

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  1. Firefox User · 2017-09-10 11:33 · #

    Just a short Info:

    If somebody use new Firefox Add Block Plus Web Extension together with Firefox RequestPolicy Extension, RequestPolicy blocked Updating EasyList lists.

    Some Extra Rules must be manually added in RequestPolicy Preferences, to make Adbblock Plus Web Extension work for updating EasyList lists.

  2. kolor · 2017-10-01 18:45 · #

    How understanding this sentences.This means ABP is worse to uBo ,Why if sobody want to use ABP plus .
    1.Remove ABP
    2.Install uBo
    3.Be sure the 2 polish lists in uBo are enabled.

    ABP didn’t implement such advanced methods.
    And those sites are already fixed in that polish list (using unknown syntax for ABP

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