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Weave support moved into a separate extension · 2009-05-31 19:08 by Wladimir Palant

A new Adblock Plus 1.1.alpha+ development build (2009053116) has been uploaded. This development build removes Weave support which has been moved into a separate extension.



  • Dropped compatibility with old browsers and cleaned up the code, now requiring at least: Firefox 3.0.9, SeaMonkey 2.0b1, Thunderbird 3.0b3, Songbird 1.1, Prism 1.0
  • Added handling of redirects, the redirect address now shows up in “Blockable items” as well and can be blocked
  • Added experimental Weave support to synchronize Adblock Plus filters and preferences across computers/profiles.
  • Added explicit support for blocking fonts (@font-type CSS directive in Firefox 3.5)
  • Added support for flexible anchors at start of filter: || will match and but not or (forum topic)
  • Added support for ^ character that will match a single separator character or end of address (forum topic)
  • Filter composer: Added flexible anchors as an option (“at the beginning of domain name”) (forum topic)
  • Filter composer: Added “^” as fourth suggestion (forum topic)
  • Filter composer: Added warning when adding a filter to a disabled filter group (forum topic)
  • Started refactoring of browser integration code which runs in its own context now
  • Changed the way “add subscription” links work, these can now only be triggered by user clicking a link
  • Added diagnostic page displaying all errors related to Adblock Plus: chrome://adblockplus/content/errors.html
  • Blockable items: Added “document source” column (domain name to be used for the $domain filter option, forum topic)
  • Preferences: “slow filter” warning is now a separate list column which can be used for sorting
  • Preferences: “close” button moved to the right side of the filter editor, made the button use Firefox 3 look
  • Preferences: improved position calculations for the filter editor, no longer makes the text position change
  • Preferences: using browser’s real find bar now instead of faking it
  • Preferences: fixed slowdown when enabling/disabling many element hiding rules
  • Preferences: insert imported comments before the filter that follows them (forum topic)
  • Fixed: ABP icon updates its status every two seconds, hogs CPU time
  • Fixed: opening Preferences in current Firefox nightlies selects wrong tree row (worked around bug 489881)
  • Fixed: detection of background images breaks the context menu in Firefox nightlies
  • Fixed: an error is reported to console on first run (patterns.ini not found)

Known issues

  • Current Element Hiding Helper release won’t work (EHH development build is available)

Source code revision: 2540895d6509


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  1. akma · 2009-11-15 21:52 · #

    how to restore the previous advertisement that I’ve block using ABP? help me pls.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:


    Generally, I recommend asking for help in the forum. No registration required, simply click “New topic”.

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