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Notifications in Adblock Plus · 2013-07-23 16:20 by Felix Dahlke

We’re adding a new feature to Adblock Plus: Notifications.

The reason is that we sometimes need to notify users about serious issues without requiring them to update Adblock Plus. The worst-case scenario is that some users cannot receive automatic updates and we will use this feature to help the users update Adblock Plus manually. This will hopefully never happen for most users though.

We’re also planning to use it for other things, but sparingly. For example to ask a small set of users to participate in a new survey, should we ever run one again.

For now, this is only implemented in Firefox and Chrome, but we’re planning to bring it to all platforms. Firefox development build users should have it as of today, Chrome development build users should get it tomorrow. We have put up a test message for development build users, to make sure the feature works properly before we roll it out to everyone.

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  1. C K · 2013-07-24 09:21 · #

    That’s nice, now how do we opt-out of it completely and entirely and make sure we never ever see a notification ever again ever? I can’t find a checkbox that says “kill this feature I didn’t ask for that took me unpleasantly by surprise” anywhere on the settings page.

    Reply from Felix H. Dahlke:

    I feared the test would annoy some devbuild users, sorry about that :(

    I guess we’ll add an opt out box for information notifications, or maybe opt in. Note that you’ll probably never see another notification anyway though, since we’ll use them extremely sparingly. The only use case for information notifications is to ask a small fraction of the users (only around 0.0001% would see it) to participate in a survey, opt-in would most likely suffice for that.

  2. mapx · 2013-07-24 13:14 · #

    hmmm … build 966 (chrome) was installed and all the custom filters where removed, also the choosen subscriptions (it was installed easylist by default)

  3. mapx · 2013-07-24 13:17 · #

    now 968 was installed, nothing was removed, but … “allow some …” is checked now

    Reply from Felix H. Dahlke:

    Thanks for reporting it, we were just barely able to fix it in time, since the public release was already in motion.

    We changed a few things about how preferences are stored under the hood. Unfortunately, we accidentally changed the path to the preferences file. We fixed that, and with the next update, your settings will be back the way they were.

  4. mapx · 2013-07-24 14:08 · #

    in the last release / build you can not check / uncheck “allow non intrusive…”

  5. mapx · 2013-07-24 14:11 · #

    general tab (options) is unusable

  6. mapx · 2013-07-24 14:26 · #

    ok now only after uninstall / reinstall the last dev build

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