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Frame handling rewritten - again · 2007-03-21 04:57 by Wladimir Palant

A new Adblock Plus development build (2007032103) has been uploaded. Handling of frames has been rewritten (hopefully for the last time) to be more consistent and to avoid hitting issues in Gecko like bug 345857. Also, multi-language packages for K-Meleon can now be created (note, these packages will not work properly in K-Meleon 1.02). The multi-language builds currently contain three languages: English, German and Russian.



  • List of blockable items now appears at the bottom of the window instead of being placed in the sidebar, the behavior has been made consistent throughout host applications — with exception of K-Meleon that still supports only the detached state (forum thread)
  • Removed SeaMonkey sidebar customization hack
  • Made matching element hiding rules appear in the list of blockable items
  • Added hit counts for element hiding rules
  • More consistent handling of frames, less likely to trigger bugs in Gecko (side effect: frame’s URL no longer disappers from the list of blockable items when frame’s location changes)
  • Changed appearance of object tabs to make them less intrusive (forum thread)
  • Added collapse and ~collapse filter options to override the global “Collapse blocked elements” option (the filter */banners/*$collapse will always collapse elements, */banners/*$~collapse will never collapse)
  • Replaced icons in the blockable item’s “State” column to make them better recognizable by colorblind people (opinions are welcome)
  • Removed useless “Block remote ads in local pages” option together with the corresponding extensions.adblockplus.blocklocalpages preference (forum thread)
  • Removed extensions.adblockplus.localschemes preference (generally blocking on all content pages now)
  • Removed “Not a remote page” message in the list of blockable items and the preferences dialog to be more consistent
  • No longer filling the list with default filters when patterns.ini doesn’t exist, offering subscriptions should be enough (extensions.adblockplus.patterns preference removed)
  • Removed extensions.adblockplus.checkedadblockprefs and extensions.adblockplus.checkedadblocksync preferences (Adblock’s preferences are now only imported when patterns.ini doesn’t exist yet)
  • Removed extensions.adblockplus.grouporder preference (hardcoded now, no point in having this as a preference)
  • Removed extensions.adblockplus.linktypes preference (using a more general approach to recognize nodes that can have links)
  • Removed extensions.adblockplus.blocktypes preference (rules like *$stylesheet can be used to prevent a particular type from being blocked)
  • Removed mostly useless extensions.adblockplus.noncollapsabletypes preference
  • Removed exceptions for about:blank
  • Now ignoring effectively empty rows/cols attributes when collapsing frames in a frameset
  • Fixed: items with same address but different type always appear as one item in the list
  • Fixed: “Open in new tab” and “Flash item’s borders” context menu entries (blockable items list) don’t work in Thunderbird and Songbird
  • Fixed: EMBED elements containing images should be recognized as objects
  • Fixed: Object tabs require two restarts after installation to work correctly in Firefox 3.0 alphas (bug 16077)
  • Made compatible with K-Meleon 1.1, multi-language packages can be built now (those will not work correctly in K-Meleon 1.02)
  • Dropped Songbird 0.1 support, requiring Songbird 0.2 or higher now

Known issues

  • Errors appear in the Error Console when right-clicking in XUL files
  • Counter for element hiding not working on table cells and rows (bug 83830)
  • Header of the blockable items list not visible in fullscreen mode


Comment [4]

  1. Fox · 2007-03-21 13:38 · #

    Go to Full Screen (F11), open List of blockable items -bottom window, and you see that “Blockable items on current page” -text and Close -button is missing.

    My OS is Win XP SP2 and Firefox version:
    This thing was also with last Firefox version and with last Dev. build.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Thanks, I fixed that.

  2. Anon · 2007-03-21 18:31 · #

    Getting smaller and smaller. I love it :D

  3. Beany · 2007-03-21 22:02 · #

    I got the same problem as Fox

    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Firefox Version(s):
    > Mozilla Firefox
    > Mozilla Gran Paradiso Alpha 2

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    As I said above – this is already fixed. Next development build will be fine.

  4. Edwin · 2007-03-29 00:44 · #

    how to remove adds?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Click the Forum link above and ask your question. Of course you could also try the FAQ link…

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