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Fixed Enhanced Protected Mode support on Windows 8 · 2013-09-25 12:57 by Wladimir Palant

It seems that Enhanced Protected Mode support in the previous development build wasn’t quite working correctly, people using Windows 8 were experiencing hangs. This issue should be resolved in Adblock Plus for IE 1.0.537. Please help us test this new development build.

There is a crash when uploading email attachments that we would still like to fix before the release. Other than that no more changes are expected.

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  1. Dmitry · 2013-09-26 13:21 · #

    Unfortunately, 1.0.537 also crashes IE 11.0.9600 down and makes it hang. Problem doesn’t solve with turning plugin off but through the full uninstallation only.

  2. mh0001 · 2013-09-30 00:14 · #

    Same problem here with 1.0.537. When Enhanced Protected Mode is turned on, it makes IE 11 (Windows 8.1 ×64) hang immediately whenever I open a new tab or try to open an URL.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Last time I asked Oleksandr was setting up Windows 8.1 to verify that everything worked correctly there – so far he only managed to test on Windows 8 but suspected that some things changed on Windows 8.1. I hope he can reproduce that issue soon.

  3. Felix H. Dahlke · 2013-10-01 14:48 · #

    Tested the latest devbuild on Windows 8.1 Preview with IE 11.0.9431, works fine there.

  4. George · 2013-10-08 09:22 · #

    Version 1.0.5410.0 freezes with x64 Windows 8.1 RTM, IE 11.0.9600.16384 (Update Versions: RTM (KB2841134)), even with disable everywhere checked.

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