Adblock Plus and (a little) more

First-run page redesigned - again · 2013-10-05 12:29 by Wladimir Palant

We are continuing to improve the Adblock Plus first-run page to make sure it provides the best possible overview. The current round of development builds (Adblock Plus for Firefox and Adblock Plus for Chrome and Opera) contains a redesigned first-run page again, I hope you like it. If you are updating from a previous version this page won’t show up of course — you can still open it by typing the address into the location bar manually. The address is chrome://adblockplus/content/ui/firstRun.html in Firefox and chrome-extension://ldcecbkkoecffmfljeihcmifjjdoepkn/firstRun.html in Chrome and Opera.

Note: The “Contributor Credits” link at the bottom of the first-run page isn’t hooked up yet, this page will be online soon however.

In addition, the Chrome and Opera builds now have an ad counting feature. Whenever you click the Adblock Plus icon you should get the number of ads blocked on the particular page and the total number of blocked ads (similar information is shown in the icon’s tooltip in Firefox). The total number will only consider the ads blocked after updating to this build. Please don’t comment on the design of this feature, we are working on an improved design already.

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