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First attempt to have proper ad blocking in Chrome · 2011-02-22 19:01 by Wladimir Palant

The current development build (Adblock Plus for Google Chrome removes the restriction that only some filters will really block downloads. It should block everything that the previous version was blocking and some more. So if you notice something that is no longer being blocked (as well as other issues of course), please report it with a comment here or in the forum.

The other noticeable change since the previous announcement should be the Adblock Plus icon for websites where Adblock Plus is disabled — a gray icon is being used now. We also added a work-around to prevent breaking FlipViewer Xpress.

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  1. Marijo · 2011-02-22 20:16 · #

    Does this mean that the bugs that were causing this restriction have been fixed upstream or did you find a workaround/hack?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    There were no bugs causing this restriction, it is simply that Chrome architecture made fixing this complicated. A week ago I finished some major changes to Adblock Plus for Firefox, these changes also allowed me to improve Adblock Plus for Chrome – so here we are.

  2. Mayhem · 2011-02-22 20:19 · #

    Now that all ads are blocked from loading, there is no need to add a huge list of CSS rules to hide them anymore. It will most likely improve performances too!

  3. Mayhem · 2011-02-22 22:03 · #

    Oh and a quick bug report from the version 626: I can check Fanboy’s list, it downloads it, but when I reload the page it’s unchecked.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Took me a little to figure this one out – turns out that this isn’t quite a bug. There was code in there migrating all Fanboy’s List users to EasyList. I removed it now:

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