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"Filters disappear" bug probably fixed · 2007-04-27 16:13 by Wladimir Palant

A new Adblock Plus 0.7.5+ development build (2007042714) has been uploaded.



  • Probably fixed “Filters disappear” bug (bug 16488, need confirmation)
  • Added Estonian and Frisian (this time for real) locales
  • Fixed up abp: protocol implementation (caused Firefox windows to hang up when opening if menu bar was hidden by ABP)
  • Fixed wrapping of the object tab text (caused vertical display in Japanese)
  • Added moz-icon: protocol scheme to the whitelist to fix issues with FireFTP (forum thread)
  • Made Filter and State columns visible by default and Type column wider


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  1. Rob · 2007-04-27 22:33 · #

    I’ll give it a try. I’ve had this bug 3 times today and about 8 times over the past month.

    It just seems to happen randomly, regardless of what I do.

    Any idea how to replicate the bug? Or at least some idea of what I can do that might make it occur again?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Unfortunately – no, you simply have to use it for some time. My suspicion is that the actual bug is in Gecko, I only made sure that it doesn’t cause data loss any more.

  2. Rob · 2007-05-06 04:14 · #

    It isn’t fixed, it just happened again.

    The filters list isn’t totally blank this time though.
    The list, and patterns.ini, have taken the values from the preference “adblock.patterns” in about:config.

    That must’ve been leftover from the original Adblock, when I uninstalled it.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    This is something different then. Adblock Plus succeeded renaming the old patterns.ini into patterns-backup1.ini but failed writing a new version of it. I will change the code to make sure that this failure isn’t fatal any more.

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