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Better support for upcoming Firefox versions · 2015-07-22 11:33 by Wladimir Palant

The Adblock Plus development build is a release candidate, Adblock Plus 2.6.10 for Firefox will be released next Tuesday is everything goes well. We implemented a bunch of improvements and fixed several issues affecting newer Firefox versions (especially multi-process Firefox). The most important changes are:

  • Fixed a syntax error breaking Adblock Plus in Firefox 41 and above (bug 1176702)
  • Implemented as an alternative to abp:subscribe?location= links (issue 2211).
  • Fixed subscribe links in multi-process Firefox (issue 1730).
  • Made the comment page of the issue reporter more compact so that the report data field has more space (issue 344).
  • Fixed share dialog on the first-run page, it was broken starting with Firefox 38 (issue 2710).

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  1. Endor · 2015-07-22 19:31 · #

    Will the development builds be signed?
    I use always and only the development builds
    of Adblockplus and Element Hiding Helper
    in Firefox. Actually the are still not signed.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    They are signed – just not by Mozilla. At the moment, getting them signed by Mozilla is simply unrealistic, we would have to upload each build manually. Mozilla is “considering” providing an API that would let us sign the builds automatically but so far nothing happened here. Worst case scenario: we will indeed have to get some selected builds signed manually. I just hope that it won’t get to that…

    The good news: as long as you are using Nightly or Developer Edition, you will be able to use our development builds even if they are unsigned.

  2. Endor · 2015-07-28 11:57 · #

    Sooner or later your Add-on must be signed by Mozilla,
    or the user will not be able to use it in the Release and Beta Versions of Firefox. At the moment only manual signing is possible, I know. If Mozilla would provide an API to sign
    automatically your Add-ons, would be nice, but I don’t
    believe that this will be available. Lets hope the best.

  3. Joshua · 2015-08-26 21:59 · #

    Will the feature work in IE also? I cannot add subscriptions in IE11.

    Reply from Oleksandr Paraska:

    Yes, that is still planned. Please see:

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