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Added support for the $csp filter option · 2018-04-21 17:30 by Dave Vandyke

Starting with Adblock Plus 3.1 for Chrome, Firefox and Opera (and development builds as of the $csp filter option is supported.

The $csp filter option allows for the injection of additional Content Security Policies, which in turn allow for requests, frames, images, scripts and more to be blocked.

You might ask why this is useful, since we can already block requests. Well, the reason is that $csp filters block things in a fundamentally different way which is harder for websites to circumvent. That said, $csp filters are less fine-grained than traditional request blocking filters and so should be used as a last resort.

In fact, using a $csp filter is rather a sledgehammer approach, for example the filter ||^$csp=script-src 'none' will block all JavaScript (including inline) from running in documents loaded from the domain

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