Adblock Plus and (a little) more

Adblock Plus 2.6.6 for Firefox release candidate · 2014-11-03 13:17 by Wladimir Palant

The current Adblock Plus for Firefox development build is a release candidate, we plan to release Adblock Plus 2.6.6 next Tuesday (November 11, 2014). There is only one change, Adblock Plus will use a slightly different approach to read files from disk (issue 1510). The reason is a change that Mozilla made for Firefox and that broke Adblock Plus completely in the Firefox nightly builds — this change was temporarily reverted but it will land again.

We don’t expect any issues with this development build. However, please let us know if Adblock Plus suddenly has trouble reading its data (everything empty in Filter Preferences). Also, there is a slight chance of startup performance regressions here.

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