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How to block ads on Android · 2020-03-31 13:10 by Matthew Garcia

How to block ads on an Android phone
In today’s digital world of constant advertisements, it seems our beloved Android phones are often bombarded with ads that are not only annoying, but can also lead to serious consequences simply from browsing the web. Thankfully, sneaky malware, targeted advertisements and even pop-up ads on Android can all be avoided with our advice below. Here’s how to block ads on Android.

Adblock Browser

To claim the most control over their internet browsing experience, users can install the Adblock Browser app for Android. Adblock Browser is a mobile internet browser that has built-in ad-blocking features, and allows users to turn off cookie tracking and anti-ad blocking messages in the settings. For those wondering how to block ads on an Android phone most efficiently, Adblock Browser is a great option that also allows users to enjoy their favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube without ads.

Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet

If you’re someone who is hoping to block ads in the Android browser, which is Samsung Internet on most Android devices, we have an option for you as well! Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet works as an extension to the existing Android browser. It can be turned on in the Samsung Internet app settings under “extensions.” Knowing how to block ads on Android more than one way can also give you that extra boost of security.

These suggestions can protect your device against cookies that track you and target you with oddly specific ads. Cookies may also end up storing personal information that you want to keep private. Additionally, ad blocking on your android can keep you safe from malware that hide behind ads. This malware can sometimes install itself to your phone even if you don’t click on the ad.

Now that you know how to block ads on android, either by using a good, reliable ad-blocking web browser such as Adblock Browser, or adding that extra security with the Adblock Plus extension, you can enjoy the internet on your mobile device without ads, and feel secure that your data privacy will remain protected.

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  1. Phyllis Avery · 2020-04-06 08:12 · #

    When playing a video game ads pop-up, please remove

  2. Clem · 2020-04-07 10:45 · #

    Great <3 i used ADB since 5 years, it’s so nice for block ads .

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  4. Sharan · 2020-04-18 21:35 · #

    Yes I was using this app happily to watch Fmovies website but today the ads started popping up and it’s as if the browser stopped blocking ads… Please help fix it soon… Thank you.

  5. Jonathan · 2020-04-28 02:32 · #

    I download a Pokemon so then she’ll that wants me to download two apps I need your help to delete

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