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What you can block with Adblock Plus, part 2 (video) · 2018-02-21 14:00 by Ben Williams

As we promised in the last installment of what you can block with Adblock Plus, this time it’s all about interstitials. And in particular it’s about asking WTF is an interstitial, anyway?

If you find advertising and the jargon that puffy-chested ad execs use to describe it at ads conferences boring … you’re not on an island there. But it is important to understand what all those terms and acronyms mean, if you want to understand what’s happening when you go online. And one term that gets tossed around a lot – not to mention one of the worst ad formats on the internet – is called an interstitial.

When we were checking what Google Chrome’s new ad filter will filter off the top – and finding out that it’s very little – we recalled how truly jarring interstitials can be.

But enough of the jaw-jawing. I know someone named Professor Ads, and he enlightened me on what these between-page interrupters are … and reminded me that ABP blocks em all.

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  1. Michael · 2018-02-27 16:59 · #

    Oh contrary Capitan! Without the Easylist crew, Adblock Plus would be a mere shadow. :)

    The Ad industries jargon isn’t going to stimulate ABP users, our only conern is? “Can we block it!”.

    Reply from Ben Williams:

    For sure. EasyList (and all filter list maintainers) are the backbone to not just ABP but most ad blockers.

    Reply from Rachel Brochado:

    Hey Michael :)

    I’m reaching out to you because we’d really like to better understand how our users interact with ABP, and what users need from the product. I thought you could be a good fit for that. Let me know if you are fine with helping us out with that and would like to share your email so we can reach out to you. You can email me at


  2. rodis · 2018-02-28 03:50 · #

    i banned cryptojackers js in sites with adblock plus , tnx

  3. 1s-casino · 2018-03-07 05:54 · #

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  4. fnaf · 2018-03-15 04:57 · #

    Easy to use block most annoying ads, some might be filtered but it just fine.

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