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We are back · 2012-02-09 16:04 by Wladimir Palant

As you probably noticed, the distribution update yesterday didn’t go as planned. For some reason, the new operating system confused the virtual server manager enough that it refused to start the server again. And since that issue couldn’t be resolved on our side fixing it took a while. Now the system has been restored from backup, I then applied my personal backup (because the hosting provider could only restore an old backup for reasons I’m unable to understand) and now we are only missing a few days worth of issue reports and probably a few forum posts from yesterday’s morning (roughly one hour between my backup and the start of the downtime).

Given that the fallback mechanisms of our hosting provider have a peculiar tendency to fail when they are needed and that the support isn’t very helpful (even getting through to the right division took one hour) the plan is to migrate to a different hosting over the course of the next three months.


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  1. fanboynz · 2012-02-10 12:59 · #

    Migrating hosts isn’t fun..

    I went from,
    Shared hosting free, Shared Hosting Paid,
    to OpenVZ Dual Core VPS -> OpenVZ Quad Core VPS -> VMware Quadcore then finally a KVM Dual Core VPS.

    Even with the CPU-core downgrade, I’ve tweaked the kernel/SSL enough to avoid it causing CPU spikes. Personally performance-wise, a KVM is hard to beat.

  2. k2jp · 2012-02-12 12:56 · #

    I wrote this because the comment is closed for the article below.

    I wonder why “Filters will not block pop-ups by default, only if the $popup type option is specified”.

    Would you please explain why popup option is special in the future blog post?

  3. k2jp · 2012-02-12 13:12 · #

    Oh, I forgot to put my opinion.

    IMHO, including popup option as default option seems more consistent. That’s why I want to understand the reason.

    As a subscription author(ABP Japanese Filters), popup option as default is easier to handle.

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