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Time to unify - We’ve improved our icon and logo · 2014-10-22 16:10 by Sven Hartz

The development of the Adblock Plus logo and icon has over eight years of history. You can find the first Adblock Plus specific logo suggestions here, or some newer ones here. Eight years later, in year 2014, we still have very similar problems as in those days. Since it is also tradition to do this development together with our community, we are excited to do it again to improve the Adblock Plus icon and logo.

I want to separate the community discussion into an icon and a logo discussion, since early discussions have shown it to be two different topics

Jump directly to see the new Adblock Plus…:
…icon suggestion
…logo suggestion

Let’s start with the icon
As you all know Adblock Plus is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and lots of other browsers but as you might also know, the User Experience is very different in some browsers compared to others. In our opinion, the time has now come to close this user experience gap. Therefore, our goal is to develop a uniform appearance together with you, our community. So let’s start with the icon. The icon needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Works as an 16×16px icon (e.g. for Firefox or Safari)
  • Works as an 19×19px icon (e.g. for Google Chrome)
  • Works as an 24×24px, 32×32px, 38×38px and 48×48px icon (e.g. retina displays)
  • Should be more recognizable than the old icon
  • Should be well embedded into the browser user interface
  • All icon sizes needs to be consistent in their appearance
  • The ABP label and the stop-sign are required (more on this later)
  • Use the same open source font for every size

Many of you can imagine that there are difficulties fulfilling these requirements, but there is no getting around this.
Long story short: we developed a new version of our extension icon and would like to show you the latest version. We appreciate and encourage your feedback so if you want to join the discussion about the new icon you have not only the opportunity to give us descriptive feedback but you are also able to develop your own variants of the icon (we uploaded the Photoshop file for that) and give your opinion a voice in joining the vote in our forum.

Click here to see our icon suggestion and to join the discussion/vote for the new Adblock Plus icon

The Logo
One of the biggest problems we have with the current logo is that it isn’t scalable for all use cases. The reason for that is very simple. We have the three letters A B P in our logo which is way too much if you want to scale it into an 16×16px icon and there are too many details in the current logo. We can’t change the name of our tool and, for now, we can’t change the stop sign as the main Adblock Plus symbol. In addition, the stop sign has evolved as the ad blocking symbol per se in the web. Even if journalists don’t mean Adblock Plus but ad blockers in general they often use the Adblock Plus logo in articles. Our plan is to create a unified logo with the following requirements:

  • Retains the stop sign and the ABP letters within
  • Improve scalability
  • Use an open source font

In our forum, you’ll be able to discuss feedback with us and other users , submit your vote, as well as find the Photoshop source files if you want to develop your own variant.

Click here to see our logo suggestions and to join the discussion/vote for the new Adblock Plus Logo

P.S. We are always looking for ways to involve our community, since our users are always at the heart of our product development. So if you have any feedback about what we could be doing better, please let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Sven · 2014-10-22 16:19 · #

    Please give us your feedback about the icon and logo in the specific forum topics. The blog post comments should give you the opportunity to give us feedback about the community involving part :-)

  2. Corey · 2014-10-30 22:44 · #

    Ad block plus decided to uninstall and now I can’t re install it anymore.

  3. Sven · 2014-10-31 12:15 · #

    Hi Corey,

    please use our forum ( ) to describe your problem in detail.

  4. Jerry · 2014-10-31 16:20 · #

    Thank God,,,Ad Block is again working with Safari..I don’t know anything except the extensions were changed and it vaporized…about Oct 27,2014 it came up and seems to be as great as ever. For the month it was gone , I tried to get it back at least 100 times and no luck….next week if it is still working I’m sending them another check. Thanks Ad Block

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