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The Acceptable Ads Committee wants your input · 2020-07-23 13:59 by Job Plas

When the Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC) was established in 2016, it was structured in a way that the ad-blocking user’s voice, and by proxy that of digital rights organizations, needed to count just as much as that of the multi-billion dollar online advertising supply chain. Having users at the table with voting power is a first within the online advertising industry, and has been a critical success factor for the AAC. The balancing act of having the industry and users compromise on non-intrusive advertising experiences makes it a truly unique standard-setting body.

During its last board meeting, the AAC asked eyeo to help amplify the call for more user feedback regarding the Acceptable Ads standard.

Are you an ad-blocker user and have some understanding and interest regarding monetization strategies of online content? Please provide your ideas, feedback and other remarks in this form that the AAC set up to collect ideas, and help decide what is next for the AAC.

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  1. Schumacher · 2020-07-25 22:46 · #

    Taboola and Outbrain are two of the internet’s worst litterbugs, they were originally a recommendation system for people to find articles related to their interest, but over time have become a bad platform for the worst kind of internet content, feeding off other publications to get a few clicks. An entire industry dedicated to supplementing our information diet with junk food.

    Sites that use Taboola or Outbrain are now spoiled by dumb, sensationalist headlines, but that generate money, supposedly compensating for the damage to their reputation from being associated with this kind of junk. There is clearly a demand for this subgenre, this tabloid content that has found its place within supposedly serious publications in the hope of catching our attention. But remember: clicking on them simply feeds this pseudo-journalism, legitimizing its use.

    So, are you going to block Taboola and Outbrain ads crap ?

  2. Отправить резюме · 2020-09-02 14:46 · #

    Please note that comments not related to this blog post will be removed. For questions on Adblock Plus please use the forums. the forums

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