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Pure YouTube Video Experience · 2013-11-21 17:07 by MonztA

YouTube is changing, but according to its users it may not be for the better. The most recent example of this was their recent decision to force their users to use the Google Plus commenting system, making it impossible to remain anonymous. Even though hundreds of thousands are campaigning against it, it looks as if their voices will be ignored. There is little hope that it will actually change.

But we heard you loud and clear.

Adblock Plus now allows you to take charge of your beloved YouTube experience with our YouTube Customizer page. Our new tool lets you selectively remove a good number the things on YouTube that might bug you.

In addition to the infamous 30-second video ads served on the site, YouTube injects a lot of other content in your browser. Like the comments or suggested videos. Perhaps you’d like to see some of this content, perhaps you’d like to see none of it – our YouTube Customizer page puts you in charge of what you see and what you don’t.

You can now remove the following YouTube annoyances:

  • Comments
  • Suggested Videos
  • Featured Videos in the Endscreen
  • Recommended Videos in the Endscreen
  • Sharing tab in the description
  • In-Video Annotations
  • Related Channels on Channel Pages
  • Featured Channels on Channel Pages
  • Popular Channels on Channel Pages
  • Recommended Channels on the Homepage.

Hey, pssst: you can also strip your Facebook account from all known annoyances. Go to our Facebook Customizer page to enable this in seconds.


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  1. Nonymous · 2013-11-21 21:10 · #

    Why don’t the “show details” links show any details? Like, what are the actual filters?

    I don’t want any filter list subscriptions, I just want to see how the blocking works.

    Reply from MonztA:

    It’s not supposed to show any filters, just list the elements that will be removed.

    You can see the filters of the individual filter lists here:

  2. Anony · 2013-11-21 23:38 · #

    How about giving the option to add a comment section using Disqus or another chat plugin on youtube?

  3. Alan Baxter · 2013-11-22 05:18 · #

    Thank you, MonztA. Youtube looks much better now. I installed the three subscriptions separately. I like to have that granularity of control.

  4. Ant · 2013-11-22 10:05 · #

    How about removing Google Plus and still let us post comments? :P

    Reply from MonztA:

    Well, that would be great. :D

  5. Piyush · 2013-11-22 17:06 · #

    I want to remove only the ads and nothing else. Do I need to add any filters?

    Reply from MonztA:

    No, ads are blocked by default.

  6. dullneko · 2013-11-24 15:27 · #

    Thank you for great service.
    I noticed that annotaions are still shown in html 5 version, and also encountered an error on loading video when I blocked the annotaion by a block filter below.


    So instead of blocking it, would you like to add some element hiding filters?

    Elemhide filters taken from this thread still work.

    Reply from MonztA:

    Thanks dullneko! I forgot about the HTML5 version. I added to the lists.

  7. Berri-UQAM · 2013-11-28 18:22 · #

    Could you please integrate the rules to block only the useless “Recommended for you” & “Featured” videos and playlists in the suggestions? This website listed them:

    That would be great!

  8. Fran · 2013-11-28 20:08 · #

    For those who do not block all ads, only the most annoying ones, it would be nice to have an option for blocking just the in-video popup ads and/or just the video ads. In the mean time I am looking through the blockable elements list and existing ad filter lists to find a solution.

    I think it would be good to include this feature in such a set of customizations that is already specific to Youtube.


  9. philip · 2013-12-01 16:05 · #

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