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New website version ready for testing · 2010-09-04 02:34 by Wladimir Palant

As many people probably noticed, the Adblock Plus website is urgently in need of some updates and rewriting. Unfortunately, making changes is too hard because the three language versions of the website need to be kept in sync. Some time ago we found Anwiki which (unlike Textpattern that is currently used) is specifically designed to handle content in multiple languages. You make the changes in one language and they automatically pop up in the other languages, marked as untranslated. And creating new translations of existing pages is trivial. And links to untranslated pages will be automatically redirected to English. Just perfect.

The migration of all content from Textpattern into Anwiki took a while, partly because of Anwiki being very picky (structure of some pages wasn’t exactly identical in the different languages), partly because of Anwiki being in early development stages (yep, bugs), partly because much of the website functionality had to be rewritten, all those Textpattern plugins. Anyway, I finished it. I proudly present you:

Adblock Plus website, Anwiki edition Beta

Doesn’t look much different? Well, I hope so. The new version should behave almost exactly like the old one. And I would be very grateful if you could test it and report anything strange. But now to the differences:

  • The sidebar is gone. It previously housed the search field (placed it in the menu for now), table of contents (placed above page text now) and credits (at the bottom of the page). Hopefully I’ll now get fewer requests to add a table of contents to some article.
  • The language selector moved down, it is now placed next to the page title. Instead, in the upper-right corner you have something telling you that you are not logged in. Sorry but it will have to stay that way for now — you cannot register and the only existing account so far is mine. I want to merge forum authentication with Anwiki authentication so that all forum regulars can correct translations, still to be done. Update (2010-09-06): This is working now, anybody who has more than 5 forum posts should be able to log in with their forum user name and password (at least one of the posts needs to be more than a week old).
  • Internal links leading to a different language are automatically marked with the language icon, you can see it on the German install page for example. I think I removed the now unnecessary “[en]” suffix everywhere.
  • The top menu no longer lists Frequently Asked Questions, they are really not that important. You can still get to it via Documentation link, that should be enough. I also removed the page on npYState crashes, this was very old.

The old version of the website is in read-only mode already, all changes will be made in the new version only. If everything goes well I should switch the website over to Anwiki completely towards the end of next week, with the exception of this blog which will stay on Textpattern for now (will most likely be migrated to Zine eventually). Things that still need to be done: caching (users who are not logged in should get the cached version), data export to the www repository, reusing phpBB authorization.


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  1. Homozan · 2010-09-08 13:23 · #

    Im have Firefox 4.05 and Adblock Plus 1.3a . From side when adlock is enable – not download in the side

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Please see

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Ok, I figured out that you are using Czech List which is causing this problem. I sent a message to its author, please contact him directly next time under

  2. Pizi · 2010-10-03 19:23 · #

    I think, this is new function on this site. They detect blocking and dont allow download.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    If you want help – commenting on a random blog post is generally a bad idea. Try the forum, no registration required. And when you do – please give a link to the website you are talking about.

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