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New Flattr extension in closed beta · 2017-05-10 14:00 by Laura Dornheim

First users to test the revolutionary zero-click payment solution

For many months now, we’ve been internally testing the new version of Flattr. The browser extension cleverly understands which content a user really likes, and on what content he / she spends a lot of time. These sites are automatically flattred by our shiny new Flattr extension and content creators / publishers receive a share of the user’s total monthly Flattr budget.

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With the relaunch of Flattr, we’re taking the next step in completing our vision of putting the user in charge of a fair, profitable web. Flattr and eyeo, the maker of of Adblock Plus and Adblock Browser, teamed up a little while ago to work on improving Flattr. Just recently, the Flattr guys officially jumped on board the eyeo team. Even before joining, both teams felt passionately that users needed an easy tool to reward the content makers they love. Now that we’re working together, it’s time to double down on that vision.

Today we dare to open the circle for a few users to test the ins and outs of the closed beta so that the open beta, coming later this year, is ready for the general public to take on.

This version is fully functional, allowing the first beta testers to use the completely revamped interface, and of course to witness how the built-in algorithm automatically flattrs whatever they love: cat videos, real news, fake lashes tutorials, tech blogs, poetry sites and on and on … As always, users can see what they flattred and delete flattrs on The closed beta will allow users to flattr without money, as one of the goals of this version is to make sure that everything runs smoothly once users can actually put in real money to reward their favorite content creators online.

All of you who signed up for access to the initial beta release will get an invitation. We are starting with those who signed up first and will increase the number of users within the next few weeks. So if you signed up, check your inbox to find your invite code!

You’ll get access to the new extension if you already use Flattr. In the meantime, take a look at the new Flattr dashboard.

Want to use the new Flattr but haven’t signed up yet? You can still do so at!

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  1. adrian · 2017-05-10 21:04 · #

    Faceboooook block please. :) Any update?

  2. Sinorec · 2017-05-15 16:07 · #

    On average, what percentage of advertising revenues lost to adblocking are recovered by Flattr donations?

    Is this statistic something you intend to publish? If not, it certainly lends credence to the claims that Flattr is financially irrelevant to the vast majority of websites.

    Reply from Laura Dornheim:

    Hi Sinorec!

    As of now, we are just testing the closed beta that doesn’t support “real” financial transactions.
    So there are no statistics yet. For the future we aim at being as transparent as possible!

    About the relevance of Flattr:
    Of course, right now, Flattr is not the number one tool for websites to get paid. As we wrote, we are working on a fundamentally new approach to the idea of Flattr.
    In the last months we focussed on developing this new extension and have therefore not made any attempts to bring users / creators on board of Flattr.
    That will change drastically once we launch the public version of the new Flattr.

    Greetings from eyeo and the Flattr team,

  3. Ryan · 2017-05-17 22:57 · #

    Will this be supported in most countries?

    Reply from Laura Dornheim:

    Absolutely! There are no geographical restrictions from our side!

  4. Avg Help · 2017-05-22 09:38 · #

    hi there,
    I think there should be another version of Adblock in the market.
    i mean same company should have same a another adblock in market for customers who dont want even a single ad.

    Reply from Laura Dornheim:


    Your wish is our command!
    Because… this version already exists! ;-)
    Just go to your Adblock Plus settings and unclick “show me some non-intrusive ads”.
    And you won’t see any ad anymore, anywhere.


  5. Windows Support Number · 2017-05-31 07:33 · #

    I am little bit confused.. because many of the times my Adblock stop doing working.. so i don’t think so any adblock do work properly..

  6. Avg help online · 2017-06-08 09:06 · #

    now I got to know about Adblock Plus… now i understood importance on Adblock plus..!!!

    thanx Laura

  7. bloons tower defense 5 · 2017-06-16 03:38 · #

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