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libablockplus and better context information in Android [Done] · 2013-11-07 09:24 by Felix Dahlke

Done, this proposal has been implemented as of 2013-11-29.

Current state

Right now, Adblock Plus for Android has its own integration of the ABP core code that leaves some things to be desired. Also, the proxy hardly attempts to gather any context information about resources, which makes false positives more likely and keeps us from adding some features.


Make ABP for Android use libadblockplus, the same library powering ABP for Internet Explorer, and gather context information about resources to pass in.


  • Use libadblockplus to replace the custom integration code.
  • Use heuristics to deduce the frame structure for resources being loaded, this is necessary for domain-based whitelisting and Acceptable Ads, among others.
  • Implement Acceptable Ads, which can now work reliably.


Comment [2]

  1. hakim · 2013-11-07 12:38 · #

    When do we see custom filters and custom filter subscriptions in Android/IE?

    Reply from Felix H. Dahlke:

    It’s pretty much the next thing on the list for Android. In IE we have a bunch of more pressing issues, might take a while until we get around to it :(

  2. Adg · 2013-11-09 23:12 · #


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