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Encouraging innovation · 2007-03-16 23:28 by Wladimir Palant

I had to laugh out loudly on this one. The IEBlog announces the winners of the IE Add-ons Contest. Guess who won the Grand Prize? Apparently it is a great Internet Explorer add-on called “Inline Search”:

Inline Search provides a way to search for content on a webpage without bringing up the Find Dialog. It incorporates find as you type, highlights search terms and has several other really useful features!

Does that sound familiar?


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  1. Phil Ringnalda · 2007-03-17 00:27 · #

    Well, sure, the Grand Prize was for something that’s been built in to Firefox since 1.0, but the First Prize was for something that’s only been built in since 2.0, and Second Prize has only been a Firefox extension since around 0.10, and Third Prize is old news on any browser, and…

    IEWatch, though, if they really mean the description, is LiveHTTPHeaders only with SSL sniffing (plus various WebDev extensions), which could come in handy – last time I looked for something like that, I didn’t have much luck. Of course, I wasn’t looking for browser addons that cost $169, either.

  2. rick752 · 2007-03-17 04:02 · #

    Funny :-)
    Small comment there minus the “752”.

  3. JeffW · 2007-03-19 20:57 · #

    They all looked pretty familiar. You had to go all the way down to FreePicGrabber in the Honorable Mentions to find something that looked interesting, and that hasn’t been in FF/FF extensions for quite a while.

    FoxyTunes is even (presumably) named for FireFox. Guess they didn’t want to name their MSIE version IETunes. ;-)

    So, guess it says something about MSIE playing catchup that their contest is all about trying to catch up to FF and FF extensions. ;-)

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