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Adblock Plus source code documentation · 2009-11-20 09:29 by Wladimir Palant

Sometime before the release of Adblock Plus 1.0 I started adding JSDoc comments throughout Adblock Plus source code. The idea was that source code documentation will be generated from it automatically in future. This took a while but now it is finally there. This documentation is updated whenever new development builds are created. There are still issues of course, some parts that aren’t properly documented and others where the documentation could be improved. Also, for now the documentation only covers the code that runs in the namespace of the XPCOM module (AdblockPlus.js), the UI code isn’t present. This should change in future.

Some details: I am using a modified version of JSDoc Toolkit. Some modifications are necessary because the author doesn’t want to support anything beyond JavaScript 1.5. Things like getters/setters, the let keyword, expression closures or E4X aren’t recognized correctly. So far I applied only one patch, I’ll have to see whether the other patches are still necessary (I originally created them more than a year ago). The other modification is the runtime — out of the box JSDoc Toolkit runs on Rhino, I prefer to run it on SpiderMonkey (via Perl’s JavaScript module). That’s because of the performance and also simply because I don’t want to run Java on the web server.


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