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Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge available for Windows Insiders on a Fast Ring · 2016-05-11 11:27 by Sebastian Noack

We have been working closely with Microsoft to bring Adblock Plus to Microsoft Edge, their new web browser. Today, Microsoft pushed an update to the Windows Insider Fast Ring (their pre-release channel), improving support for browser extensions in Microsoft Edge. At the same time we have released an experimental version of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge that is compatible with this latest Windows Insider Fast Ring update. This is the first ad blocker available for Microsoft Edge.

In order to try out the latest pre-release of Windows 10 with Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge:

  1. Join the Windows Insider Program.
  2. Make sure you are on Fast Ring and have all Windows updates installed.
  3. Get Adblock Plus from the Windows Store.


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  1. Timppa_K · 2016-05-16 01:01 · #

    AdBlock Plus is working well in Edge but one question how..

    There are some certain pages which demand AdBlockers to be off. Otherwise they don’t show for example videos on the page. I tried to find a place where I could turn off adbloc. No result. Please, advice.

    Reply from Oleksandr Paraska:

    Yes, unfortunately some functionality from ABP on other browsers is not as easily accessible yet as we’d like. Still, you can add a domain to your whitelist by clicking on the ABP button, which would bring you to options page. There you can go to “Whitelisted domain” tab to add/remove domains on which you want to disable ABP.

  2. kosztolányi zoltán · 2016-05-16 18:24 · #

    állandoan zavar a böngészés közben és agressziv

  3. Dave · 2016-05-17 18:39 · #

    Is there an estimate when Adblock will be available for Windows 10 for users who are not “Windows Insiders?”

    Reply from Sebastian Noack:

    I’m afraid, that we don’t have any influence on that. Adblock Plus for Edge will work for the general public of Windows users as soon as Microsoft pushes an update there with the improvements they recently pushed to Windows Insiders.

  4. yono sunarya · 2016-05-17 19:45 · #

    h5playlist unreg

  5. mik · 2016-06-01 22:40 · #

    many websites starting to have a script that recognises that adblock is on and refusing to see content without disabling it.

    -My approach is to close the website and continue with another one. But it is starting to be quite common problem. Hope you resolve this issue.

  6. twister974 · 2016-06-10 14:56 · #

    I was waiting for adblock plus in Edge but since I use Chrome I can’t go back to Edge and thing that I’m not the only one in this situation. But it will be great for the ones who did not use Chrome

  7. jessix · 2016-06-11 17:49 · #

    Sorry to post here but I am SO THRILLED with AdBlock for my new i-phone SE that I wanted to pass on this information to the developer – but he closed the comments .

    I see from your site that Microsoft has a new browser. – that’s FANTASTIC because I added CHROME yesterday to my i-phone and immediately removed it. My “canary”, Chrome’s Beta Browser often works better on my computer than Chrome, but Chrome must not be made for mobile apps because it was trouble from the moment I installed it. I’d love to install EDGE on my computer and my i-phone and get rid of Chrome. It’s always trouble.

    This is the message I want to pass on:

    I have a bad case of Attention Deficit disorder (ADHD) and the i-phone ads were terribly distracting. The many ads kept me from using my mobile phones to access the Internet . I never used my phone to access the Internet – NEVER! When I got a new i-phone SE I could barely navigate because the ads were all over the place and I often couldn’t tell my desired site from an ad, especially those attention-getting ads in motion. I quickly remembered why I never used my mobile phone to go on line.

    This is my first i-phone in 3 years so that’s an additional problem. I forgot how awful the Internet experience could be without using an ad blocker, let alone on a small screen mostly filled with ads.

    Please pass on the information that AD BLOCKERS ARE NECESSARY FOR USERS WHO HAVE ADHD. PLEASE tell the AdBlocker genius who closed his comments so I couldn’t tell him directly how he provided relief to me and why using my i-phone without the ad-blocker previously kept me off the mobile Internet due to my difficulty with too many ads in front of my face. It was nearly impossible for me to deal with all the ads so I didn’t use any mobile phone to access the Internet – ever.

    This is important for any ad-blocking developer and for any site that provides an AdBlocker app for any browser because the anti-ad-blocker people are starting to stir. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BAN AD-BLOCKERS IF IT’S BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE REGULATORS THAT BLOCKING ADS IS NECESSARY FOR ADHD USERS WHO MUST USE THEIR PHONES TO ACCESS THE INTERNET. Such users are too sensitive to the distractions of ads meant to get the attention of users. The ads take too much attention from the work of ADHD users and keep them from accomplishing their business on line without terrible difficulties. AdBlocker removed ALL these distractions from my sight, making navigation of the Internet from my i-phone almost as easy as that from my computer for the first time since I got my new phone.

    In summary:
    (1) AdBlocker is NECESSARY for users who have ADHD. Without an ad-blocker the Internet ads on mobile phones cause too much distraction for ADHD users who cannot navigate on-line without an ad-blocker to minimize or eliminate the distractions of the ads

    (2) Ad-blocker providers might consider advertising the fact that Ad-Blocker eliminates 90% of the distractions that make navigating the Internet difficult for people with ADHD who are more affected by distractions to the point of being unable to use the Internet from a mobile phone comfortably.

    (3) MOST IMPORTANT: Use this information to DEFEND AGAINST THE ANTI-AD-BLOCKING LOBBY which has already started to make waves about “losing money”: due to ad blockers. AN AD-BLOCKER MUST BE USED to eliminate the overpowering distractions that keep ADHD users from using their phones on line.

    (4) Since ADHD is a medical condition, with children being treated and medicated in school, and adults largely ignored because they no longer disrupt classrooms, it ‘s likely a VIOLATION OF A USER’S CIVIL RIGHTS for one to ban or restrict the use of such mobile apps if the user has ADHD!

    NOBODY HAS YET MENTIONED THE DEVASTATING EFFECTS ON-LINE ADVERTISEMENTS HAVE ON I-PHONE USERS WHO HAVE ADHD. Users are kept from accessing the Internet freely due to the excessive distractions of multiple attention-getting advertisements because of their ADHD condition,

    I hope this information helps you – sorry for taking up but I wanted you guys to have this information. I don’t want ad-blockers banned!

    Thanks – Jessica, S, Naples, FL

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