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ABP meetup event in New York · 2016-11-22 15:59 by Ben Williams

Hey! The week after next a few of us will be in New York to talk about Adblock Plus, Eyeo, the Acceptable Ads Committee and a bunch more. It’s a weeklong trip, but the thing I wanted to let you know about is a meetup event we’ll be hosting for people involved with technology, online rights and ads, who might be interested in being on our Acceptable Ads Committee.

Is that you? Or perhaps you’re an ad exec who wants to throw things at me while I try to remain calm? Well, I’ll be leading the discussion, so now you’ll have a chance to! Just see the full description below.

Adblock Plus Revealed: exclusive meetup for independent committee

When: December 6, 2016 at 6:00 pm
Where: Manhattan NYC (address to be given at registration)

Calling all publishers, brands and online marketers: this is an exclusive opportunity to meet the team behind the largest ad blocker in the world: Adblock Plus. We will learn how Adblock Plus got started, what their motivations are for disrupting online advertising, and how they open-source their whitelisting process. Most people don’t realize, but ad blocking is actually run as a global community project with thousands of volunteers who maintain a central filter list. Almost all ad blockers use these same open-sourced lists.

Even more exciting, NY Internet Marketers has been asked to help select candidates for an Independent Board that will completely manage how ad blockers define ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ads. The Independent Board is a pretty big deal, as you can read here in the Wall Street Journal and AdAge. So don’t miss this potentially world-changing meetup!


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